Comprehensive Guide to Emirates ID Card: Benefits and Use

Emirates ID card

The national ID card of Emirates is an identity card. The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security-ICP issued this card. All UAE citizens and residents must always apply for an ID card and carry it with them.

The following are the uses of Emirates ID:

  • To get services from the government
  • Used in the elections of the Federal National Council for voting
  • Act as a travel document for the citizens of UAE to travel within GCC.
  • To pass immigration through the eGates and smart gates, an Emirates ID is used at several airports in the UAE.

The policies of Security ICP state that it is against the law to seize other people’s Emirates ID cards. Companies are not authorized to withhold the Emirates ID cards of their employees or their customers and visitors. They are only permitted to take the personal data on the ID cards. Cardholders should refer the case to the judicial authorities in case of violation.

Features of Emirates ID:

The National ID card of Emirates ID consists of many parts. These parts provide the highest levels of accuracy and security. The components are:

  • Smart card
  • General key infrastructure (Digital signature and authentication certificates)
  • Fingerprint biometric.

Identification number

The main feature of an ID card is its identification number, also known as the Identity number. Identity numbers are sole and un-repeated numbers. They are always stuck to their holders. Using this number, residents may benefit from all the governmental and some non-governmental entities. These entities mainly require proof to access their services. It includes 15 digits.

Electronic chip

Electronic chips contain the personal data of the holders. This machine-friendly data is only read by a machine. The machine can easily encrypt and authenticate the personal data of the user. In some cases, the user’s privacy is protected by authorized authorities; some data are only read by authorized machines. This chip mainly stores data up to 32,000 letters of information.

Other technologies

The Emirates ID card works on state-of-the-art technology in smart cards. It consists of accurate letters, ultraviolet ink, and line drawing. It has nine security features, making falsification of the card very difficult, for such features exceed the current standards in many cards, such as banking credit cards.

Emirates ID card with thumb

How to Get Emirates ID:

To apply for an Emirates ID card at the website Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security- ICP or through an accredited typing center. Below are the step-by-step guide to get a new Emirates ID:

Step 1: Emirates ID Application

Citizens need to visit the authorized typing centers or obtain the eForm through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) official website.

Step 2: SMS

After submitting the forms, citizens will receive an SMS via the registered mobile number in the Form. The SMS would state the date, time, and location of the EIDA branch you must visit. The applicants will be asked for their photos and fingerprints at the branch. A receipt will be given, which must be kept to collect the card when ready. During the visit, make sure to keep the following documents along.

UAE Nationals

  • Family Book
  • Valid passport
  • Emirates ID application 

UAE Residents 

  • Emirates ID application
  • Visa (or visa work permit)
  • Passport

Step 3: Pay the fees

Applicants need to pay around 100 AED for an Emirates ID with a validity of one year. 

Step 4: Track

After successfully registration, the applicant needs to track the application by filling in the account number on the EIDA website to check the status of the ID card. 

Step 5: Delivery and Collection

After submitting the forms, citizens will receive an SMS via the registered mobile number in the Form. The SMS would state the date, time, and location of the EIDA branch you must visit. The applicants will be asked for their photos and fingerprints at the branch. A receipt will be given, which must be kept to collect the card when ready. 

Uses of Emirates ID:

The Emirates ID is used for many reasons, including to get a new SIM card or a new home internet package. The user can expand these benefits to pay utility bills, open a bank account, or apply for a Dubai driver’s license.

1. Identity Proof

The Emirates ID serves as proof of identity for accessing government services. It also prevents identity theft and fraud and protects the identity of citizens. This is required by official authorities for most processes and services in Dubai. Citizens must present it at the Dubai Municipality, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), and RERA Dubai. For example, the RTA has launched kiosks all over the emirate. This is the place where citizens can renew their driver’s license and vehicle registration in Dubai. Emirates ID can also use these to make traffic fine payments along with the other services.

2. Traveling

The benefits of Emirates ID are not limited to online services. The new rules and regulations said that, from April 2022, the ID will carry a resident’s visa status as well. Traveling has been made more convenient by replacing the residency visa stamp, which has been long held in the residents’ passports. This has now been replaced by new-generation Emirates IDs. Emirates ID has made airport immigration simpler for UAE residents and citizens. Citizens also use this ID at the Dubai International Airport smart gates. The smart gates allow for swift passport control procedures. Holders of Emirates ID can scan the Emirates ID card. They can provide fingerprint authentication to move across the e-gates without having to wait in long lines.

3. Credit and Banking History

Emirates ID card can be used to get a quick credit report in Dubai at the Al Etihad Credit Bureau customer service centers. The banks can also access the credit history of a customer using an ID card.

4. Medical History

A requirement has been made that, after 2016, the Emirates ID can be used in place of health insurance cards. The Emirates ID can be used to process medical insurance. Emirates Identity Cards can be incorporated into the medical insurance system. The insurance companies have incorporated their customer details into the databases of clinics and hospitals, which makes it easier to process this ID.

5. Refuel

Oil major company ADNOC has added ways through which customers can pay for fuel at smart service stations. So you can refuel in Abu Dhabi using credit cards, cash, Emirates ID, or ADNOC Plus cards linked to an activated ADNOC wallet.

UAE Identity Card


Finally, the Emirates ID card is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security. It is an important document in the UAE. It serves multiple purposes. Furthermore, it serves as a travel document. It also facilitates government services and ensures a secure immigration process. Getting an Emirates ID involves the application process, payment of fees, and tracking.  It helps people to access government services and airport procedures. Its involvement in banking, medical, and even fuel processes highlights its importance in modern UAE society.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I apply for an Emirates ID?

Apply online at the official website or accredited typing centers, following document submission, fee payment, and in-person verification.

  • What are the primary uses of the Emirates ID card?

Proof of identity for government services, travel within the GCC, voting in Federal National Council elections, and facilitating tasks like obtaining a SIM card or opening a bank account.

  • How does the Emirates ID aid airport immigration?

Enables quick passage through eGates and smart gates at UAE airports, using ID and fingerprint authentication.

  • What information is on the Emirates ID electronic chip?

Machine-readable personal data, encrypted for security, storing up to 32,000 letters of information.

  • Can the Emirates ID be used beyond identification?

Yes, for checking credit reports, accessing banking services, processing medical insurance, and making payments at smart service stations like ADNOC for fuel.


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