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More Than 1000 Hajj Pilgrims Die In Mecca As Temperatures Exceed 50°c

Hajj pilgrims deaths

The Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca this year has turned into a tragedy as more than 1000 people have died from the heat. Temperatures rose above 50°C (122°F), making people there for the annual event sick and even killing some.

Record-Breaking Temperatures

When it came to Mecca, it got as hot as 51.8°C (125°F), making it one of the hottest years ever for the celebration. This extreme heat has killed many people, especially older pilgrims and people who already have health problems. The Saudi National Center for Meteorology said the weather was unbearable during the pilgrimage, with suffocating hot air and a scorching sun.

High Death Toll Among Egyptians and Jordanians

Most of the people who died were from Egypt and Jordan. Diplomats from Arab countries say that 323 Egyptians and 60 Jordanians died from the heat. The hospital morgue in Mecca’s Al-Muaisem neighbourhood, one of the biggest in the city, confirmed these numbers. The total number of deaths has reached 645, with pilgrims from many countries reporting deaths.

Pilgrims Collapsing from Heat

Many pilgrims, mostly older people, passed out from the heat and immediately needed medical help. A 70-year-old Tunisian woman named Mabrouka bint Salem Shushana went missing after getting sick from the heat and not having enough clean facilities. Her husband has been combing hospitals like crazy to find any news of her.

Unregistered Pilgrims at Higher Risk

It was especially dangerous for many unregistered pilgrims who needed help to afford the official Hajj permits. The Saudi government provided air-conditioned facilities, but these pilgrims could not use them. The situation worsened because there were so many people, and the Hajj rituals were very hard and required long outside periods.

Desperate Searches for Loved Ones

Friends and family have been looking for the missing pilgrims nonstop. Social media sites like Facebook are full of pictures and requests for help. The search continues, and many people hope to hear something about their loved ones. The situation is very bad, and the families of the missing are under a lot of stress and grief because they don’t know what to do.

Saudi Arabia’s Efforts to Mitigate Heat Impact

Saudi Arabia has done a lot to deal with the effects of the extreme heat. Religious leaders have told pilgrims to bring umbrellas, drink water, and stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day. Even with these precautions, it’s hard to ensure everyone’s safety is maintained because so many people are participating.

Climate Change and the Future of Hajj

As a result of human activity, the temperature is rising in Mecca. A new study shows that the area’s temperatures rise by 0.4°C (0.72°F) every ten years. This trend means that future Hajj pilgrimages might experience the same or even worse heat, making it even more important for the government to develop strong safety measures.


The Hajj is a very important event for Muslims all over the world, but this year, there have been more deaths than ever before because of the heat. The tragedy shows how important it is to improve safety rules immediately and how climate change affects big events worldwide. As families mourn the deaths of their loved ones, the whole world looks to Saudi Arabia to figure out how to keep this from happening again


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