Govt Announces “Laptops for All” Scheme for Students

Laptops for All

The federal government of Pakistan has a new plan to give laptops to students all over the country. The Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP), Rana Mashhood, announced the “Laptops for All” plan on Thursday, June 6, 2024. It will be part of the next fiscal budget. This project is part of the government’s larger plan to help schools and give students access to technology.

Details of the Scheme

Rana Mashhood told the press at a press conference that as part of the “Laptops for All” plan, students can get laptops by borrowing money from banks with no interest. With this method, money problems will continue to prevent students from getting the necessary technology.

Rana Mashhood said, “The government is working to get banks to give students laptops with no interest. A decision will be made on this within the next two or three days.” To ensure that this plan works, he stressed that the government was determined to deal with financial problems, such as meeting conditions set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Challenges and Budget Constraints

Rana Mashhood said that last year’s interim government experienced tough financial times, which made it difficult for them to give laptops to students. We had to delay the laptop distribution because the new government didn’t have enough time to make the budget when they took office. What’s certain is that the current government will include the “Laptops for All” plan in the next budget.

“The interim government had to deal with a lot of financial problems, and IMF rules were also in place.” “But the ‘Laptops for All’ plan will be in the next fiscal budget,'” Rana Mashhood promised.

Governments Commitment to Education

The “Laptops for All” program shows that the government of Pakistan wants to improve the learning opportunities for all of its students. The government wants to close the digital divide by giving students laptops. This will give them access to modern teaching tools that are important for their success and growth in school.

This project is part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, a larger set of programs and schemes that aim to give young people more power and help them improve their skills. The government knows that technology is an important part of education and is working to give students the tools they need to do well in school.

Impact on Students

Many people think that giving students laptops will have a big effect on their learning. Students who have access to laptops will be able to take online classes, do research, and finish their assignments faster. That’s right. This will also help close the digital divide between students from different income levels. Students nationwide were happy to hear about the “Laptops for All” plan. Many of them think that this program will give them the tools they need to do well in school and prepare for the job market.


The federal government’s announcement of the “Laptops for All” program is a big step toward supporting education and giving students in Pakistan more power. Even though the government is having trouble with money, it is determined to include this plan in the next fiscal budget and give students laptops with no interest. This plan will improve education in the country by giving students better access to modern technology to help them learn more.


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