Discover Songs by Humming with YouTube Music’s Latest Search Feature

Discover Songs by Humming with YouTube Music's Latest Search Feature

YouTube Music has launched an exciting new feature that allows users to find songs by simply humming, singing, or playing a melody. This innovative feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to identify songs without needing to know the lyrics or the exact song name. This update is available on the YouTube Music Android app, making music discovery easier and more fun.

How to Use the ‘Hum to Search’ Feature

Using the ‘hum to search’ feature on YouTube Music is straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Open YouTube Music: Ensure you have the latest version of the app (version 7.02 or later) installed on your Android device.
  • Locate the Search Bar: At the top of the app, find the search bar.
  • Find the Waveform Icon: Next to the microphone icon in the search bar, you’ll see a new waveform icon representing the ‘hum to search’ feature.
  • Hum, Sing, or Play a Melody: Press and hold the waveform icon. Start humming, singing, or playing the tune you want to identify.
  • View Results: After a few seconds, YouTube Music will display a list of matched songs. The results include cover art, song name, artist, album, year, and options to play or save the song to your library.

This feature is currently rolling out, so if you still need to see it, make sure your app is updated to the latest version.

The Technology Behind ‘Hum to Search’

The ‘hum to search’ feature uses advanced AI and ML to analyze the audio input. When a user hums or sings, the app captures the melody and compares it against its extensive database of songs. Within five to ten seconds, it can match the tune to the correct song, providing accurate and quick results. This feature is a significant enhancement to YouTube Music, making it easier for users to find songs they can’t remember the lyrics for or only have a vague recollection of the melody.

Comparison with Other Apps

YouTube Music’s ‘hum to search’ feature is similar to the Shazam app, which helps users identify songs by listening to a short snippet. However, YouTube Music offers an advantage because users don’t need to have the actual song playing. Humming, singing, or whistling is enough for the app to identify the song, making it more versatile and user-friendly.

Availability and Future Updates

Currently, the ‘hum to search’ feature is available on the YouTube Music Android app. Google has yet to announce when this feature will be available for iOS users. As the rollout progresses, more users will have access to this convenient tool.

Expanding Language Support

The feature currently supports multiple languages, including English and Hindi, making it accessible to a broader audience. Google aims to expand its language support further, enhancing the user experience for non-English speaking users.


The introduction of the ‘hum to search’ feature on YouTube Music marks a significant step forward in music discovery technology. By leveraging AI and ML, YouTube Music is providing an innovative way for users to find songs effortlessly. This feature not only enhances user experience but also showcases Google’s commitment to integrating advanced technology into its services. Whether you’re trying to remember an old favorite or discovering new music, YouTube Music’s ‘hum to search’ feature is here to help. So next time you have a tune stuck in your head, hum it into YouTube Music and let the app do the rest.


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