Nvidia’s Stock Market Value Exceeds $3 Trillion, Surpassing Apple

Nvidia has passed Apple to become the world’s second most valuable publicly traded company, surpassing a market value of $3 trillion. This is an amazing turn of events. It shows how important artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming and how Nvidia is the market leader.

Nvidia’s Rise to the Top

Nvidia’s market value reached $3.019 trillion at the end of trading on Wednesday when its stock price rose by more than 5%. Because of this great performance, Nvidia’s market value exceeded Apple’s $2.99 trillion. The only company bigger than Nvidia now is Microsoft, which has a market value of $3.15 trillion and is in first place.

Global investments in AI technology drive Nvidia’s market value to grow quickly. Companies and investors are eager to take advantage of AI’s potential as it spreads to more fields. Nvidia is at the forefront of this technological revolution. It has an estimated 80% market share in AI chips for data centers.

Apple’s Struggles

Apple’s growth has been steady compared to Nvidia’s meteoric rise. Apple’s shares have only increased by 5% this year, mostly because sales growth has slowed. The company that makes the iPhone recently released its quarterly earnings report, which showed that sales dropped by 4%. Compared to the previous year, sales of iPhones dropped by 10%. Apple needs help with things like low demand in China, problems with production, and mixed reactions to its newest product, the Vision Pro.

Even with these setbacks, Apple is still a big name in the tech industry. The company was the first to have a market value of $1 trillion and $2 trillion. Until Microsoft passed it earlier this year, it was the most valuable company in the United States.

Nvidia’s Performance and Future Prospects

The stock price of Nvidia has done nothing less than amazing. The company’s NASDAQ shares have increased more than 30% in the last month, and Nvidia gives investors a huge 216% return on their money yearly. The AI boom is to blame for this rise, and Nvidia is doing very well because it is the market leader in AI chips.

The company’s most recent earnings report, which came out on May 22, was better than what Wall Street expected, which made investors feel better. In the last quarter, Nvidia’s sales went up 18% compared to the previous quarter and a huge 262% compared to last year. As a result of partnerships with companies and countries moving from traditional data centers to “AI factories,” which promise productivity gains across many industries, the company’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, has seen enormous growth.

Nvidia has big plans for the future to keep being the leader in AI technology. CEO Jensen Huang said the company plans to update its AI accelerators yearly. The Blackwell Ultra chip will be released in 2025, and a new generation of AI platforms will be released in 2026. These improvements should strengthen Nvidia’s position in the AI market and attract more investments from businesses and government agencies interested in generative AI.


The amazing feat of Nvidia surpassing a $3 trillion market value and passing Apple shows how important AI technology is becoming in today’s world. Nvidia’s future looks bright as long as it keeps developing new ideas and leading the market for AI chips. In the meantime, Apple has problems that it needs to solve to get its growth back on track. The tech industry is going through a big change, and Nvidia is becoming a major force in shaping the future of AI.


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