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Man Chops Off Donkey’s Ears in Rawalpindi

Man Chops Off Donkey's Ears in Rawalpindi

Apparently, in Rawalpindi, a man cut off the ears of a female donkey, which is an evil act. The event has caused anger and brought attention to the need for stricter laws protecting animals.

Details of the Incident

The accident took place in Rawat, Rawalpindi. The donkey’s owner, Tanveer Hussain, had let it out to drink water after harvesting wheat. This didn’t go as planned; the donkey ended up in the fields of Arshad Mehmood, a powerful person in the area.

The First Information Report (FIR) that Hussain filed says that Mehmood hurt the pregnant donkey physically. According to the FIR, Mehmood allegedly cut off the donkey’s two ears as a punishment for venturing onto his farmland. Reports say that people in the area feared to name Mehmood because of his power and influence.

Owner’s Plea for Justice

In a video statement, Hussain said he would get justice for his donkey. He said he would speak out everywhere to ensure the person who did it was punished. An overwhelming number of people agree with Hussain’s plea and strongly condemn the violent act.

Police Action

Based on Hussain’s report, the Rawalpindi police have opened a case against Mehmood. There have been no arrests yet, though. The police are still looking into what happened and have promised to catch the person responsible.

Background and Similar Incidents

There have been other cases of cruelty to animals in the area before this one. A landlord in Sindh’s Sanghar area had cut off a female camel’s leg a few days before for going into his fields to find food. Outrage over the camel’s leg amputation also led to five arrests.

People with much power were involved in both cases, making people wonder how accountable and powerful people are regarding animal rights. People want stricter laws and stricter enforcement to keep animals safe from these kinds of cruel acts.

Longstanding Enmity and Land Dispute

According to the police, there may have been a long-running feud and land dispute between Hussain and Mehmood. The police say that the two people have been fighting for a long time and that many cases have been filed over the years. The police are looking into all the possible reasons for what happened, and this background information makes their job even harder.

Public Reaction and Outcry

The public’s response to the event has been anger and sadness. People who care about animals and animal rights activists want justice for the donkey and stricter enforcement of laws that protect animals. There are a lot of messages on social media sites supporting Hussain and condemning the violent act.


The terrible event in Rawalpindi is a sad reminder of how important it is to have stricter laws protecting animals and better enforcement of those laws. The public’s outrage shows that people are becoming more aware of animal cruelty cases and want justice for those who hurt animals. The government needs to act quickly and decisively to ensure that these crimes are punished and that animals are safe from harm. Animal rights activists are telling people to stay alert and report any cases of animal cruelty. They also tell people to support laws that strengthen laws about protecting animals. These things can help make the world safer for all animals and stop cruel acts from happening again.


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