Emirates Flight Attendant Tries Apple Vision Pro Mid-Flight

Emirates Hostess Tries Apple Vision Pro on Flight

Apple has introduced its first special glasses called the Apple Vision Pro. However, the design of these glasses aims to blend the digital world with your surroundings. Furthermore, Apple calls “spatial computing.” to this technology.

One interesting thing about these glasses is that you don’t need a remote control to use them. Instead, you can control them using your voice, eyes, and hands. This could be handy, especially if you’re using them for work in an office.

Emirates Hostess Tries Apple Vision Pro on Flight

An Italian content creator named Otto Climan posted the video. In the video, Mr. Climan offers the device to an air hostess. Because she was so curious and excited to see it for the first time. At first, she’s unsure but eventually agrees to try it on.

“You’re the first person I’ve seen with this,” she says. Then she puts it on, saying, ”This is crazy.” She jokes she did not expect everything to look so vivid.

After trying it out for a little while, the flight attendant gave the device back to the influencer. However, she thanked him for the great chance to experience it.

“Everyone loves the Vision Pro!” Mr. Climan wrote when he shared the video.

Emirates Commented on Viral Video

Emirates also left a comment on the video saying, ”We wanna try too!”

One user wrote, ”The flight attendant has such a good vibe,” while another said, ”This is amazing. “I got fired for doing something similar,” added a third person. 

The release of Vision Pro by Apple is a big step forward for people who love virtual or augmented reality. They see this technology as the next big thing after smartphones. The glasses are designed to provide a deep experience for the following:

  • FaceTime calls
  • Gaming
  • Video Watching
  • Using different Apps.

Feature of Vision Pro:


The Apple Vision Pro’s front is made of glass and connected to an aluminum body. Vision Pro uses ‘Light Seal’ to block out outside light. However, it fits against the face of user. The strap consists of stretchy fabric. Moreover, users can adjust the glasses by turning a small wheel.

Dual-Chip Processor:

The Apple Vision Pro has two processors to handle complex 3D experiences. The first one is the Apple M2, the most powerful chip utilized in VR glasses. It is responsible for advanced graphics, running the VisionOS system, and handling visual algorithms.

The new Apple R1 chip is the second processor. The design of the chip only targets processing information from the cameras, sensors, and microphones in the glasses. Moreover, it can send captured images in just 12 milliseconds.

4K Displays per Eye:

The micro-OLED displays in the Apple Vision Pro have 23 million pixels. Vision Pro gives each eye a resolution better than 4K, which is higher than most other headsets.

Battery Capacity:

The Apple Vision Pro headset does not have a battery built in. Instead, it has an external battery to reduce the weight of the glasses. Furthermore, it can last for about 2 hours on a single charge. But users can connect the glasses to power for all-day use.

Security System of Vision Pro:

The Apple Vision Pro has a safety feature called Optic ID. This feature looks at and recognizes the unique patterns in your eyes to keep your information safe.

Price of Apple Vision Pro:

Vision Pro is Apple’s biggest investment since the iPhone came out over ten years ago. The price of an augmented reality (AR) headset starts at $3,499. However, this is three times more expansive than the price of the virtual reality headset of Meta.

Drawback of Vision Pro:

However, some users are returning their Vision Pro headsets. Because they are experiencing headaches, eye strain, and motion sickness. Many of them are sharing their complaints on social media. Moreover, considering its high price, they are not happy with the headset that fits on their heads.

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