Confirmation of Shoaib and Sania’s Separation; Custody of Son Stays with Mother

sania mirza and shoab malik pics with son Izhaan

Pakistan cricket team’s famous captain, Shoaib Malik, and Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza, confirmed their separation. This was confirmed when Shoaib Malik tied the knot with famous actress Sana Javed. On Saturday morning, the Shoaib Malik shared photos of their wedding on Instagram. In the caption, Shoaib Malik wrote, “Alhamdulillah, and we created you in pairs.”

Available sources said that, through mutual consent, Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza were separated.

Famous Indian News agency PTI quoted a family source. They said that Imran Mirza, who is the father of Sania Mirza, told them about the Khula of Sania Mirza. Khula is the process in which a woman has the right to divorce her husband.

Reasons behind the Divorce:

The reasons behind the divorce between former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik and his ex-wife Sania Mirza have been found.

Many unconfirmed media reports claimed that the divorce was due to Shoaib Malik meeting other women. Due to this reason, Sania Mirza was not happy with this habit of Shoaib Malik. After losing her patience, 37-year-old famous tennis player Sania Mirza took this step.

The bureau chief of Samaa TV Lahore said that Sania Mirza got the news of former captain Shoaib Malik and actress Sana Javed’s meeting three to four months ago. After this, there was a spat between the two, and the last fight also took place on the same issue. He further said that Shoaib Malik had been dating Sana Javed for the last three years. At that time, she was married to a famous singer and composer, Umair Jaswal.

As told by Naeem Hanif, Shoaib Malik was very much interested in the arts and also took part in many entertainment shows. Where he kept meeting with Sana Javed again and again in several Private TV shows.

Naeem Hanif further talked about the issues regarding the relationships among them. He received news about the fight that took place four months ago regarding Sana Javed. Later, Sania Contacted and invited their in-laws to visit Dubai. The purpose of this invitation is to resolve the issues among them. But unfortunately, both Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s family were not in the mood to take the relationship forward. Both of them did not want to resolve the issue.

sania mirza and shoab malik selfi with cute son "Izhaan"

Son to stay with mother, after divorce among them.

Remember that rumors of divorce between Shoaib and Sania, who tied the knot in April 2010, have been circulating since December 2022. The couple has decided that their son Izhaan will stay with his mother, and the two will raise him together. It should be noted that Izhan was born on October 30, 2018, after eight years of the couple’s marriage.

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