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UN Security Council Passes Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

UN Security Council Passes Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

At a meeting on Monday, the UN Security Council called for an immediate end to the fighting during the month of Ramadan, the release of all hostages without conditions, and “the urgent need to expand the flow” of aid into Gaza. Fourteen votes favoured, but the US did not cast a ballot.

What’s In The Un Gaza Resolution?

A truce is needed for a “lasting, sustainable ceasefire.” The resolution also wants all hostages who were held during Hamas’s terror attack on Israel on October 7 to be freed. On the other hand, this demand has nothing to do with the call for peace during Ramadan, which ends on April 9.

It also talked about how important it was to get more aid to the whole Gaza Strip and get rid of any things that were getting in the way of doing that. Algeria pushed for the resolution. Right now, it is the only Arab country on the Security Council. Japan, Guyana, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ecuador, Mozambique, South Korea, and Sierra Leone were some non-permanent members that backed it.

US Abstention Changes Position

Washington’s view has changed greatly since the US didn’t vote almost six months into the war. Washington has repeatedly blocked previous ceasefire resolutions, even though more and more civilians are dying in the Gaza Strip. It is trying to find a middle ground between criticizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and giving military aid to Israel, which is an ally.

Netanyahu said that the US’s choice not to vote was a “clear retreat” from what it had said before. This hurts the war effort and the work to free the hostages, he said. Others’ pressure on them might get them to agree to a ceasefire, even if our hostages are not freed. This gives Hamas hope.

Israeli Defense Minister Meets Senior US Officials in Washington

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant met with top US officials in Washington, DC, on Monday to talk about the military campaign in Gaza and efforts to free Israeli hostages. This happened at a time when relations between Israel and the Biden administration were tense because so many civilians had been killed in the enclave. From the air, Mr. Gallant said that the main reason for his trip was to protect Israel’s military edge in Gaza. Almost every year, the US gives Israel a lot of money.

US Backs Important Talks

US Ambassador and Permanent Representative Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that when the Security Council passed the resolution, it “spoke out in support” of the diplomatic efforts being led by the US, Qatar, and Egypt to end the fighting right away and for good, free all hostages, and help the needy Palestinian civilians in Gaza who are suffering a lot.

Demands: Ceasefire, Return Hostages, Give Gaza Aid

For peace during the month of Ramadan, which began on March 11, this is all there is to it. It also asks that Israel free the 130 hostages that it took and is still holding in Gaza. It also says how important it is to get lots of food to the people in the besieged area right away because they are starving and could die without it.

Since October, when Hamas attacked Gaza and killed almost 1,200 people and took 240 hostage, Israel invaded. The Council has not agreed on how to end the fighting. Israel has been bombing Gaza every day and stopping most of the aid that could save lives. This is what the health ministry in Gaza says has killed more than 32,000 Palestinians. A new report backed by the UN said that there would soon be a famine.


Members of the Permanent Council The US put forward a draft to end the war in Gaza, but China and Russia said no to it. There were 11 votes for, three votes against (Algeria, China, and Russia), and one vote not cast (Guyana). Many ambassadors spoke in support of a new draft that called for an end to the fighting right away. The “E-10” group is made up of non-permanent Council members. For all civilians, there had to be an “urgent need to expand the flow of humanitarian assistance”, and the fighting had to stop immediately and for good. This would have removed “all barriers” to getting aid to needy people.

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