Billionaire Shark Tank Judge Eyes TikTok at Discount

Billionaire Shark Tank Judge

Venture capitalist Kevin O’Leary, known for being tough on “Shark Tank” and making deals, has set his sights on a much bigger target: TikTok. According to CNBC, the Chinese-owned video app could be banned in the US, which has caught the attention of O’Leary, who wants to buy it out at a big discount. O’Leary’s offer is worth between $20 billion and $30 billion, a small amount of TikTok’s estimated value of $220 billion.

Challenges That Kevin O’Leary Might Face

This big drop is because the platform is losing an important part: the user-tailored algorithm that chooses content for each user and has become a symbol of the TikTok experience. O’Leary admits it will be hard to make this secret sauce again without Chinese help.

Building a new algorithm from scratch might take a long time and cost a lot of money, which could affect user engagement in the short term. If a similar algorithm is made, it’s unclear whether users would find it as addicting and useful as the current one. This is a big reason for TikTok’s rapid growth.

O’Leary thinks there is a 50% chance that TikTok will be shut down or sell its US business after the election. Reports say he is getting ready to make an offer on the company. He has talked to Donald Trump about it and plans to talk to US Vice President Joe Biden. O’Leary says that any deal would need to be approved by the White House because of security concerns. He’s also looking for people to help him with the buyout. Starting in April, he plans to talk to sovereign wealth funds about this.

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, and governments worldwide have closely watched it over concerns about data privacy and national security. ByteDance has looked into ways to fix these problems, such as selling a piece of TikTok to a company based in the United States.

Opportunity Amid Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty, Kevin’s desire to buy TikTok at a discount shows how smart he is as a businessman. By taking advantage of the platform’s current problems, he hopes to protect a valuable asset and lower regulatory risks through smart moves.

Diverse Revenue Streams

TikTok has many users, especially younger people, making it an appealing investment opportunity. Kevin thinks that TikTok’s many ways of making money, such as through partnerships and ads, could help the company make more money.

Monetizing User Engagement

Thanks to its funny short videos and viral trends, millions worldwide use TikTok, a cultural phenomenon. Kevin knows the platform can engage audiences and sees ways to make money from this.

Competitive Landscape

When Kevin bids on TikTok, big tech companies like Facebook and Snapchat try to get the top spot in the social media market. Kevin could improve his position in this competitive market by buying TikTok, which could help him reach new audiences.

Innovation and Adaptation

Kevin is a seasoned business owner who knows how important it is to develop new ideas and change with the times in the tech industry. By buying TikTok, he could lead new projects and promote growth through strategic partnerships and product improvements.


Kevin O’Leary, who you may know from “Shark Tank,” wants to lead a bid for TikTok because things aren’t clear. Its $220 billion value is different from what his coalition plans to offer, which is $20 billion to $30 billion. O’Leary wants to be as popular as TikTok in the US, but he has to deal with problems like copying its algorithms. A “TikTok USA” is what he wants, but he knows it will be hard to make new algorithms.


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