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Historic Milestone: UAE Petrol Prices Hit Record Lows in January 2024

petrol prices in the UAE

In the new era of fluctuating fuel prices, it is very important for individuals and other businesses to stay up-to-date on petrol prices. As we move into 2024, let’s examine the current scenario of petrol prices in the UAE, and provide a deeper insight into the factors that affect this important aspect of daily life. Petrol prices in the UAE depend on various factors including global oil prices, geopolitical tensions and regional economic conditions. United Arab Emirates due to its large oil production in the world, is closely correlate with the fluctuation of fuel prices in the international oil market.

UAE Petrol Prices Experience Significant Decrease in January 2024:

At the beginning of the New Year, the government has announced a reduction in Fuel prices in the UAE for January 2024, according to which the government has reduced the price of petrol by 2.64 dirhams per liter. Petrol prices in UAE fluctuate every month depending on global oil prices.

After the meeting of the Fuel Price Committee on Sunday, December 31, the petrol prices fall in January 2024. According to which the fuel prices in January 2024 decreased compared to the previous month. The new prices, which will be effective from January 1, 2024, are as follows:

  • The price of Super 98 petrol will be Dh2.82 per liter, which were reduced from Dh2.96.
  • The price of Special 95 petrol now costs Dh2.71 per liter instead of Dh2.85.
  • The price of E-Plus 91 petrol will be Dh2.64 per liter, which were decreased from Dh2.77.
  • Dh3 per liter will be the price of diesel, which were reduced from Dh3.19

Factors Shaping the UAE Petrol Prices in 2024:

There are several factors that play important role in the dynamic nature of Fuel Prices in UAE:

Global Oil Prices:

Global Oil Prices in UAE
  • Brent crude oil act as the benchmark for UAE fuel pricing, in which Global Price is the biggest influencer.
  • The price of UAE fuel depends upon the global oil prices.
  • The drop in fuel prices in the UAE is due to the drop in global oil prices in recent months

Government Subsidies:

UAE Government Subsidies in petrol
  • The UAE government subsidizes fuel prices to make fuel more affordable for citizens.
  • Subsidy limits vary by fuel type depending on market conditions.
  • The benefit of these subsidies is that they reduce the impact of rising global oil prices on consumers

Fuel Price Committee:

Fuel Price Committee
  • A committee appointed by the government meets monthly to review fuel prices and make recommendations for adjustments.
  • The committee takes into account various factors to look at global oil prices, government policies, and local market dynamics.
  • The recommendations of the committee are submitted to the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure for final approval.

Exchange Rates:

Exchange Rates
  • Fluctuations in the value of the dollar can also affect fuel prices.
  • Fuel prices are high due to a strong dollar imported oil.

Local Market Dynamics:

  1. Factors that plays important role in determining the Fuel Prices includes transportation costs, storage fees, and marketing expenses.
  2. Furthermore, based on local market conditions, the UAE has different fuel prices in each emirate, with variations

Future Predictions:

Industry experts look ahead to possible trends and changes in petrol prices in the UAE. Global dynamics, including OPEC decisions and geopolitical changes, play a major role in this complex forecast. UAE oil production and government policies play an important role in shaping the petrol price for the coming months. There are many factors that important role that forecasts the future petrol prices, among those factors includes Economic indicators, political stability, and the evolving global energy. Renewable energy and traditional fossil fuels plays another role in prediction of the fuel prices in UAE.


In the ever-changing fuel price landscape, staying informed is important for individuals and businesses alike. As we determine the complexities of 2024, petrol prices in UAE influenced by many factors that include global oil prices, geopolitical tensions and regional economic factors. The recent reduction in January 2024 highlights the government’s response to market dynamics. This include Global oil prices, government subsidies, fuel price committee decisions, exchange rates, and dynamics in local market. This article provides a comprehensive understanding of the current global energy market with respect to petrol prices in the United Arab Emirates.

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