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Biden Called Putin a ‘crazy SOB’ During a San Francisco Fundraiser!

Biden called Putin a 'crazy SOB'

President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘a crazy SOB’. He said that, during a fundraiser in San Francisco on Wednesday. The reporters who were with him said this.

Biden told the people at the fundraiser that there are leaders like Putin who are like “Crazy SOB” and dangerous. He said we always have to be concerned about a nuclear conflict. However, he believes the biggest threat to humanity is climate change.

Following Biden’s remarks, the Kremlin said Biden is a ‘big shame’ for the United States. However, the Kremlin is a ministry of Russia.

Biden Criticizes Trump’s Comparison to Navalny

Biden also talked about former President Donald Trump. He criticized Donald Trump because he compared his legal problems to the death of a Russian critic, Alexey Navalny. Biden said if he had said such things 10 to 15 years ago, people would have thought he was crazy.”

Biden criticized the stance of Trump on Russia and NATO

Donald Trump is a candidate of the Republic Party in the presidential election of 2024 in the United States. He is the front-runner in the race of election. Moreover, he has not criticized Russia or Putin for Navalny’s death. Recently, Trump has also stated a few times ago. He said that he would not assist a NATO country in the event of a Russian attack. He said this unless they spend enough on defense. Biden criticized this, saying it shows Trump is willing to let Putin do more war and violence.

Biden said Trump is showing he will leave our NATO allies. He said that after the recent comments 0f Donald Trump. When a reporter asked a spokesperson for Russia about the US president’s words. The spokesperson said that this is the rude things of the US leader.  He further said that this might not bother the leaders of other countries like Putin. However, it is a big embarrassment for the United States.

Biden Slams Republicans as “Party of Chaos and Division”

Donald Trump also said, ‘If the president of a country talks like that, it’s shameful. At another event in San Francisco, Biden criticized Republicans in Congress. He calls them the party of chaos and division.’ He even said they’re ‘worse’ than Strom Thurmond. However, he is a former senator who is known for supporting segregation.

“I’ve been a senator since 1972. Moreover, I have worked alongside some real racists, like Strom Thurmond. But these Republicans are even worse. They don’t believe in basic democratic principles. Time and again, Republicans prove they’re the party causing chaos and division.”

Biden Highlights Contrasts with Trump in International Relations

Biden also wanted to show how different he is from Trump. Biden said that when he leaves meetings, leaders from other countries often come up to him and say. “You’ve got to win.” They don’t say this because he’s special. But because they believe their democracy is at risk if someone else wins. Biden mentioned that nine heads of state have said this to him, as reported by pool reporters.

Biden’s Fundraiser Events Draw Attention in California

Nancy Pelosi is the former House Speaker who attended one of the fundraiser’s events. Venture capitalist John Doerr introduced the president at this event. The White House mentioned this. Another campaign event will be in Los Altos Hills, California. Moreover, they expect Biden to attend on Thursday. Then, he will return to the White House in the evening.

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