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Fish Rain in Iran: A Rare Weather Phenomenon Explained

It is said that fish and sometimes other animals fall from the sky during rainstorms. This is called “fish rain,” sometimes called “animal rain.” People from all over the world and throughout history have been fascinated by and interested in this event. Although it seems impossible, fish rain is a real thing that happens sometimes because of certain weather conditions. Many scientists have come up with good reasons for this.

There are records of fish rain from ancient times, including from the Romans and the Greeks. Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote some crucial accounts, as did explorers and naturalists in other parts of the world, like Francisco de Orellana in the Amazon jungle. People have often been amazed and skeptical about these events, which has helped shape the myths and legends of the places where they happened.

Scientific Explanations

Waterspouts or tornadoes that form over water are the primary scientific reason for fish rain. These things can cause strong updrafts that pull fish and other small sea life out of the water and into the clouds. When these storms or waterspouts lose their strength and spread out over land, the things they carry, like fish, fall to the ground with the rain. Other ideas include strong updrafts during clouds and even birds accidentally letting fish go.

Notable Incidents and Cultural Impact

There is a famous recurring event of fish rain in Yoro, Honduras, recognized with the “Festival of the Fish Rain.” In Kerala, India, fish kept falling for two days, another case that stands out. People in the area are interested in these events, and scientists are also studying them to learn more about how these strange weather events happen.

Ecological and Agricultural Implications

We are often amazed by the sight of fish rain, but it also makes us wonder how it affects the environment and farming. Suddenly, bringing in fish can bring in species that aren’t native to the area, which could upset the natural balance. This can change the links between native species, predators, prey, and plants. Also, dead fish left on fields can hurt the health of crops, though they may sometimes work as fertilizer by accident.

Investigative and Preventative Measures

Because fish rain can happen anytime, it’s hard to devise specific ways to stop it. But knowing and keeping an eye on the weather trends that come with waterspouts and tornadoes can help you figure out when fish rain might happen. Communities prone to these events might benefit from emergency plans that include quick-response tactics to keep health and environmental effects to a minimum. Also, ongoing study into the weather conditions that make waterspouts more likely could help make predictions more accurate, leading to better planning and response.


Even though it rarely happens in different places, fish rain, especially in Iran is a natural and scientifically proven event. The way it combines natural events with cultural effects is exciting, showing how strange events can become part of local folklore and science research. The research into fish rain keeps growing, giving us new ideas about how weather trends and marine life affect each other.


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