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Iron Lung Man Paul Alexander Died at 78

Iron Lung Man Paul Alexander Died at 78

Paul Alexander got polio when he was only six years old during an outbreak in Dallas in 1952. Since the disease made his neck weak, he could not move or breathe on his own. A mechanical respirator called an “iron lung” was put on Paul Alexander by doctors to help his lungs get larger.

Paul Alexander’s Inspirational Journey:

Getting polio when he was six years old left Alexander paralyzed for life. A 78-year-old man who gained immense popularity and motivated millions of people through his account of living with an iron lung has passed away. Born with polio as a child and confined to an iron lung, Paul Alexander became a lawyer, wrote a book about his life, gained a large social media following, and inspired people worldwide with his optimistic view. 

An old friend, Daniel Spinks, said that Alexander died Monday at a hospital in Dallas. He was 78 years old. The reason for Alexander’s death, he clarified, was unknown, but he had recently admitted the man to the hospital following a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Paul Alexander Education:

Spinks said Alexander was a driven man with a strong faith in God. Alexander got his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Texas in 1978 and his law degree from the same school in 1984. In 2000, they became friends when Cox worked for him as his driver and helper.

Paul Alexander Book:

“Three Minutes for a Dog: My Life in an Iron Lung,” a book Alexander wrote about his life, came out in 2020. Since college, Gary Cox, a friend of mine, explained that Alexander’s nurse had promised him a dog when he was a little child, provided he could learn to breathe independently for three minutes. This is where the title of the book originates.

Paul Alexander Battle with COVID-19:

The most recent video, which Alexander uploaded to his account on February 26, showed a man going by the name Lincoln managing Alexander’s social media and mentioning that Alexander had been to the ER following a COVID-19 diagnosis. Alexander was still weak, confused, and having trouble eating and drinking after using the hospital’s iron lung and going home.

Paul Alexander Death:

A previous post on Alexander’s official TikTok account said that he immediately went to the emergency room after getting Covid-19. In 2022, a GoFundMe page meant to help Alexander with money posted news of his death by accident. The person taking care of Alexander lied to him and stole his money so he could not pay his high medical bills, according to the page. Brother Philip of Alexander said in a statement that he is grateful to the people who gave him money to help his brother.


Alexander passed away in Dallas on Monday. After getting polio as a child in 1952, he lived most of his life in an iron lung. He had been alive for 78 years. His first degree was in business, and his law was from the University of Texas at Austin. Outspoken about how important vaccines were, he was determined to eliminate polio.

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