Video of a Man Cooking Paratha in Diesel Goes Viral

Video of a Man Cooking Paratha in Diesel Goes Viral

A video of a man frying parathas in what he says is diesel fuel has gone viral on social media, making many people angry. The man, whose name is Bablu, says he owns a bus stop restaurant in Chandigarh. Parathas are usually fried in ghee, butter, or oil, so the fact that diesel fuel is used is very strange.

The Viral Clip

Bablu can be seen in the video pouring a dark liquid onto a paratha that is cooking in a hot pan. The person who is making the video says the liquid is diesel. The video shows smoke coming from the pan and the paratha getting burned. This unusual way of cooking has raised concerns about food safety and public health.

Social Media Reaction

The video went viral online quickly, and many people were shocked and confused by what they saw. People on social media talked about how dangerous it could be to eat food cooked in diesel, pointing out that it is very dangerous and explosive. Many asked India’s FSSAI, which oversees food safety, to investigate the situation. The video’s caption made fun of the “diesel paratha” by calling it a “true recipe for cancer,” which shows how dangerous it is for your health.

Calls for Investigation

People have called for the authorities to punish the dhaba and its owner. Concerns have been raised about these places’ need for proper food licenses and safety standards. The dhaba owner, Channi Singh, has responded to the viral video by denying the claims made.

Owner’s Response

The owner of the dhaba, Channi Singh, made it clear that the video was just for fun and that they don’t make or serve “diesel parathas.” He said that only edible oil is used for cooking and that the business has very high standards for cleanliness. Singh said the video was just a blogger’s attempt at humor and that no one would eat a paratha cooked in diesel.

Apology from the Blogger

The person who made the video, food blogger Amanpreet Singh, has also apologized. He took down the video from his social media pages and apologized to everyone. In his apology, Amanpreet Singh said he was very sorry that the video had upset people and promised that the parathas were fried in regular oil, not diesel.

Public Health Concerns

Because of the viral video, people are more aware of how important food safety is and how strict the rules must be. Eating food cooked in diesel can harm you and pose serious health risks. Diesel is very dangerous and can hurt your health if you eat or drink it.

Authorities Urged to Act

Many people on social media and public health advocates have asked the FSSAI and other relevant authorities to act immediately because of the possible health risks. They want the dhaba to be thoroughly investigated and strict rules to be put in place to ensure that all restaurants follow food safety rules.


A video going viral of a man supposedly cooking parathas in diesel has caused a lot of anger and concern. Even though it turned out to be a hoax, the video brought up important issues about food safety and the need for proper rules. The blogger and the dhaba owner both said they were sorry, but this shows how important it is to keep food preparation standards high to keep people healthy.


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