Pakistan Cultivates Miyazaki Mangoes, World’s Priciest at PKR 300,000/Kg

World's Most Expensive Miyazaki Mangoes

In the past few years, Pakistan has done amazing work in agriculture by growing Miyazaki mangoes, the world’s most expensive mangoes. These strange fruits were first grown in Japan, but now they are grown in Karachi. It’s crazy that a kilogram of them costs PKR 300,000. Pakistan will grow different kinds of mangoes in the future now that it has this new plant.

The Miyazaki Mango: A Luxurious Fruit

The bright red and purple Miyazaki mango, also known as the “Egg of the Sun,” is high quality. It differs from other types of yellow mango grown in Pakistan, such as the Chaunsa, Sindhri, Langra, Dasheri, and Anwar Rathore types. When Miyazaki mangoes came to the country, they changed how they were sold by adding a high-end and unique variety to the usual types.

Successful Cultivation in Karachi

A big step forward for Pakistan’s farming industry is being able to grow Miyazaki mangoes well in Karachi’s Malir area. A farmer in the area named Ghulam Hashim Noorani played a big role in making this happen. He said it was very hot in Karachi, which was one of the main reasons these good mangoes grew so well. The test growth not only worked, but it also made it possible for production to rise nationwide.

Market Value and Demand

Fruits from Miyazaki are loved all over the world, and a kilogram of them can cost between $800 and $900, or between PKR 250,000 and PKR 300,000, which is the same amount of money. Since they are so pricey, it shows how good they are and how carefully they need to be grown. More and more Miyazaki mango trees are being grown in Pakistan, which means that these rare and expensive fruits will probably be available all summer long.

Potential for Wider Production

Many people in Karachi love Miyazaki mangoes, which gives farmers and agricultural experts hope. The Malir area of Karachi has rich soil that looks like many of these high-quality mangoes could grow there. If Pakistan got the right help and money, it could become a major player in the world market for Miyazaki mangoes, which would make the country’s food exports even bigger.

Benefits for the Local Economy

Mango farming is a good way for farmers in Miyazaki to make money. Farmers can make a lot of money from these mangoes because they are very valuable on the market. This also makes more people want to plant them. Adding an unusual new fruit to the market can also bring in more buyers from inside and outside of Pakistan, which can help the country’s reputation for growing good mangoes.

Challenges and Future Prospects

It’s great that Miyazaki mangoes can be grown, but some issues arise because of this. Fruit growers may have a hard time with these mangoes because they are pricey, require specific weather conditions, and require careful care. Things can be fixed, though, if people get the right training and tools.


Pakistan now has Miyazaki mangoes, a big step forward for the mango business in that country. These fancy mangoes are a classy alternative to regular ones. They have bright colors and unique tastes. Because farming is going well, more food can be grown in Karachi’s Malir area. This is good for the economy and allows farmers to make much money. Growing more Miyazaki mangoes means that Pakistan will soon have a big share of the world market for these unique fruits.


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