Sweden’s Palestine Cola Fizzles with Success, Selling 4 Million Cans in Just 2 Months

Sweden Palestine Cola

Palestine Cola, a new cola brand, has sold 4 million cans in just two months. This is a big surprise in the coffee market around the world. The people who made this brand are Palestinian-Swedish businesspeople, and it is quickly becoming a strong competitor to big brands like Coke and Pepsi. Let’s look closely at Palestine Cola and see how it’s changing the market and why it was made.

The Birth of Palestine Cola

The idea for Palestine Cola came from Hussein, Mohammed, and Ahmad Hassoun, brothers born in Malmo, Sweden. They came up with the idea six months ago to offer an alternative to the big cola brands made in the US. The brothers started the brand to make people more aware of Palestine and raise money for Palestinian causes because they are Palestinian and want to help their community.

Rapid Popularity and Global Interest

No words can describe how successful the brand has been. Palestine Cola was a hit immediately because it sold 4 million cans in just two months. Cans from this brand are loved worldwide because they are unique and have Palestinian symbols on them, like olive branches and the keffiyeh pattern. “Liberty for everyone” was the founders’ slogan, which means they thought everyone, no matter their race or religion, should have freedom and equal rights.

Many people are moving away from US brands that they think are connected to Israel. This has helped Palestine Cola grow. Because of the boycott, many restaurants and eateries in Europe and elsewhere have had to find other places to eat. Palestine Cola was able to take advantage of this chance to sell more of its products.

Challenges and Future Plans

It was challenging for Palestine Cola to become so popular so quickly. It ran into trouble when it tried to expand into the Middle East. The founders have said it’s hard because of the rules and because they must make Arabic-language cans and marketing posters. Still, they believe these issues will be resolved within the next few months.

Palestine Drinks, the company that makes Palestine Cola, wants to make more drinks besides cola. Soon, there will be sugar-free drinks, new flavours like orange and lemon, and energy drinks. Palestine Cola should be sold in all European restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores. That is their main goal.

A Mission Beyond Profits

How it runs its business sets Palestine Cola apart from other brands. All the money from selling Palestine Cola goes to charities working in Gaza and the West Bank. The Safad Foundation runs these charities and is registered with the Swedish government. This foundation’s goal is to support various projects that improve the lives of Palestinians, especially children in Gaza.

Consumer Power and Social Impact

It’s clear that customers have a lot of power and that brands can help improve the world. People are becoming more aware of how the things they buy affect their morals, and Palestine Cola gives them a choice that fits their beliefs. Not only do people who buy Palestine Cola get a drink, but they also help a good cause and make life better for Palestinians.


You can make a big difference with little work, as the amazing story of Palestine Cola’s quick rise in the drink market shows. People worldwide support Palestine Cola, which means it has a strong cultural meaning and wants to keep growing and making a difference. It will be interesting to see how the brand changes the global soft drink market as it grows and adds new products.


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