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130-Year-Old Algerian Woman Receives Heartwarming Welcome at Hajj

130-Year-Old Algerian Woman Gets Warm Welcome as She Arrives to Perform Hajj

Sarahouda Stiti, an amazing 130-year-old woman from Algeria, arrived at Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia on June 10, 2024, ready to do Hajj. People were happy and excited to see her when she got there. Many people respected and admired Stiti when she arrived in the Kingdom because she was the oldest Hajj pilgrim to do so this year, according to the 24NewsHD TV channel.

A Symbol of Determination and Faith

Sarahouda Stiti, born in Iraq but now lives in Algeria, is a strong woman of faith and determination. Her decision to do Hajj at such an old age has inspired many. The Algerian Hajj mission and the Algerian people, in general, were very proud and happy that she was determined to go on the pilgrimage. The fact that Stiti is there shows how dedicated the faithful are—no matter what age—and how much they want to do their religious duties.

Health and Monitoring

Sarahouda Stiti is healthy, even though she is old. To ensure she stays healthy during the pilgrimage, though, she is being regularly because she is very old. The medical staff with her is doing everything possible to ensure she stays healthy while she is in Saudi Arabia.

Expressing Joy and Appreciation

When Sarahouda Stiti got there, she told everyone how happy and thankful she was to be able to do Hajj. The friendly welcome and great service she and her friends received were greatly appreciated. Her words showed her happiness and satisfaction, making the people greeting her even more fond of her.

An Inspiration to Many

Going to Saudi Arabia to do Hajj at the age of 130 is an accomplishment for Sarahouda Stiti and an inspiration to many. Despite being very old, she was determined to go on this spiritual journey. This is a powerful example of how strong faith and the human spirit can be. Her story has touched people worldwide and shows how important it is to have faith and keep going even when things get hard.

Community Pride and Support

In Saudi Arabia and Algeria, people from Algeria have come together to support and honor Sarahouda Stiti. People worldwide are proud of her journey, which shows how strong the community and support are in the Algerian diaspora. The admiration and respect she has received show how deeply people feel about religious duties and respecting older people.

The Significance of Hajj

Hajj is important to Muslims worldwide and is one of the five pillars of Islam. Every Muslim must make this journey at least once if they can afford it and are healthy enough to do so. For Sarahouda Stiti, doing Hajj at 130 years old shows how deeply committed she is to fulfilling this important religious duty, even though getting older can be hard in some ways.


Sarahouda Stiti’s decision to go to Saudi Arabia to do Hajj at 130 shows her strong faith and determination. Her story has made Algerians proud and given hope to people worldwide. As she sets out on this holy journey, she carries the hopes and prayers of those who admire her strong will and spirit. It is inspiring to see how strong faith can be and how people can get through hard times to keep their religious duties.


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