UAE to Open 6,000 Rest Stations for Delivery Drivers

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources has announced a big plan to help delivery service workers deal with the hot summer months. More than 6,000 rest stops will be nationwide to give delivery riders a safe and comfortable place to take their required lunch breaks. We are working with different parts of the government and private businesses to ensure that people working in very hot conditions stay healthy and safe.

Midday Break Regulations

From June 15 to September 15, workers outside are legally required to take a strict lunch break. From 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., you can’t work in direct sunlight or outside. This rule is designed to keep workers safe from the dangers of extreme heat, like heat stroke and dehydration.

Since delivery service workers don’t always have a set place to work, they face some unique problems. Because of their job, they must be mobile, making finding good places to rest hard. The new project solves this problem by making rest stops all over the Emirates easy.

Interactive Map for Easy Access

An interactive map will help delivery drivers find these rest stops. This map will show drivers all the places they can stop for breaks. This will help them plan their routes and ensure they can rest when it’s the hottest. This program is part of the Ministry’s efforts to ensure delivery workers have a safe workplace and better working conditions.

Collaboration Between Sectors

Government agencies and the private sector worked together to build these rest stops. Public and private organizations, including Talabat, Deliveroo, Noon, and Careem, have also collaborated to make these rest areas possible. The number of rest stops is growing because restaurants, shopping malls, stores, and cloud kitchens are joining the effort this year.

The Ministry praised all the private companies participating in the project and stressed the importance of delivery services in the logistics industry. In the summer, delivery workers have a very important and difficult job: delivering many different kinds of things on time.

Continuation of Previous Efforts

Last year’s project, which gave delivery workers 365 rest stops, was a success, and this year’s project builds on that. This year, the UAE has over 6,000 rest stops, showing its dedication to improving working conditions for people who do outdoor jobs, especially in the very hot summer months.

Health and Safety Measures

The midday break rule requires employers to provide workers with places to rest and take other steps to keep them safe. For example, companies must provide shaded areas and cooling equipment so workers don’t have to stand in direct sunlight during breaks. In addition, there must be enough cold water to keep people from dehydrating.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Businesses that don’t follow these rules will have to pay big fines. It is illegal for employers not to give their workers a midday break. If more than one worker breaks the rule, the maximum fine is Dh50,000. These punishments make it clear how important it is to follow the rules and keep workers safe.

Commitment to Worker Welfare

The UAE’s plan to open 6,000 rest stops for delivery drivers during the summer lunch breaks shows that they care a lot about worker safety. The Ministry of Human Resources needs to protect workers with hard jobs by giving them safe and comfortable resting places. This project protects the health and safety of delivery service workers and shows that the UAE is committed to improving workplaces and helping its workers.


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