YouTube Music Adds Song Sliding Ability on iPhone

YouTube Music Adds Song Sliding Ability on iPhone.

YouTube Music has added a new feature that lets iPhone and iPad users move from one song to another by swiping on the album art. Android users have had this feature for a while now. Its goal is to make moving through music faster and easier to understand.

Quick and Easy Song Navigation

Switching songs quickly is very important for many people who use music streaming services. Traditional “Next” and “Previous” buttons have done this job in the past, but they can be annoying for people who want a smoother experience. Because of this, YouTube Music has made it possible for iPhone and iPad users to swipe on the album cover to change songs.

To use this feature, people must go to the “Now Playing” page on YouTube Music. They can swipe left or right on the album art to go to the previous or next song. The bigger touch target of this gesture compared to the small control buttons makes going through their playlist easier and faster.

Available on iOS

You can now swipe in version 7.04 of YouTube Music for iOS to see more options. Users of both iPhones and iPads can now enjoy this feature, which makes it easier to move around while listening to music. Since June last year, the mini-player has let users slide through songs. This lets them quickly switch songs without leaving the main page. The mini-player shows up at the bottom of the screen when users leave the Now Playing page. To change songs, they can swipe left or right.

Background Changes and Hum to Search Rollback

YouTube Music has made some changes to the way its iOS app looks, in addition to adding the ability to slide between songs. Before, the background of the “Now Playing” page was a solid color. Now, it has a dynamic gradient that matches the album cover. This update mixes dark and light colors to make the interface look better.

In the meantime, YouTube Music has now taken the “Hum to Search” feature off of its iOS app. This feature, which lets users hum a tune to figure out what song it is, has been taken down for maintenance and improvement. The iOS version needed some changes, even though it worked on Android. Users can look forward to this feature returning after the necessary changes have been made.

Enhanced User Experience

YouTube Music wants to improve the user experience by adding the ability to slide between songs on iPhone and iPad. By making it easier to move between songs, the app is better at meeting the needs of people who want to quickly and easily control their music.

This update comes after several improvements to its app made by YouTube Music. The platform wants to keep getting better. The mini player with swipe controls came out last year, and the recent visual updates show this. Users can look forward to more features and updates that will improve how they stream music.


The new song sliding feature on YouTube Music for iPhone and iPad is a nice addition for users. The app makes listening to music easier and more seamless by letting you quickly move between songs by swiping. YouTube Music keeps changing to meet the needs of its users. This update and the next ones that will improve the Hum to Search feature shows that it is doing just that. These changes make YouTube Music a great choice for streaming music, no matter how long you’ve been using it or if this is your first time.


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