K-Pop Singer Daud Kim Announces To Build Mosque In Korea

K-Pop Singer Daud Kim

Daud Kim, a popular South Korean pop singer, actor, and YouTuber who became Muslim five years ago, said he would build a mosque in the Korean city of Incheon. He wants to build a place to pray and a school to make Islamic podcasts to teach Koreans.

Who is Daud Kim?

Daud Kim is a South Korean actor, singer,and YouTuber. His real name is Kim Kyun-woo, but he goes by the stage name Jay Kim. In September 2019, Kim announced on YouTube that he had become a Muslim. The YouTuber has discussed his desire to visit Makkah and Madina since becoming a Muslim. Kim did Umrah in 2022 Ramadan after becoming a Muslim in 2019.

Building the Dream

Kim put up pictures of the mosque site on April 11 to share his idea with the world. In addition to asking for donations, he asked other people to help him build a sign of peace and harmony. The mosque will be a prayer place and a studio for Islamic podcasts. It will be a beacon for people seeking comfort and wisdom.

Expressing Gratitude and Vision

Kim said that he wished there were more Muslim places of worship in his home country. He stayed positive even though he knew how far he had to go. He said that he hoped the call to prayer would be heard one day down the street. At the end of his article, Kim asked his readers to help him make his dream come true by giving him money. He did this by giving them information on his PayPal and bank accounts.

Going Beyond Worship: An Educational Hub

Kim wants the mosque to be more than just a place of worship. He wants it to be a place where people can learn about Islamic teachings and spread them in Korea. Kim wants to make Da’wah easier and help people understand Islam by combining a prayer area with an Islamic podcast studio.

A Future of Harmony

Daud Kim’s story of how he went from being a K-pop star to a spiritual leader may be interesting to many people. His goal in building a mosque in Korea is to make a place of worship and lay the groundwork for a time when religious and cultural diversity will be accepted and thrive. When Daud Kim dies, he will leave behind a legacy of peace, understanding, and the lasting power of religion. He will continue to inspire and change people.

Internet Suspects Daud Kim’s Incheon Mosque Scam

Most of the YouTuber’s Muslim fans were excited about his upcoming project. However, some were skeptical and thought it might all be a scam. After Daud Kim made his big announcement, a well-known Korean Muslim content creator talked about what she thought about giving money to someone’s private account. Ayana Jihye Moon (묠준혜 전염나) used several Instagram Stories to warn her fans about the risks of donating money without first checking their background.


Daud Kim, a famous YouTuber who used to be in K-pop, announced his big plan to build a mosque in Incheon, Korea. His change and spiritual journey since becoming a Muslim are reflected in this project, which aims to be a religious and educational hub that promotes Islamic teachings and encourages cultural diversity. Even though some people are skeptical about how she plans to raise money, Kim’s vision is a big step toward making society more open and accepting. It could have a lasting effect on how people accept and understand religion.


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