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Stay Connected in Dubai: A Tourist’s Guide to Getting a SIM Card

Why Get a SIM Card in Dubai

It is essential to stay connected during vacation, whether booking a cab, sharing photos with your friends back home, or looking to book tickets to your favorite places in Dubai. There are many places where free Wi-Fi services are available, such as hotels and public areas throughout Dubai. But a SIM card will give you uninterrupted internet access at your convenience. Picking up a local SIM card is a good idea while traveling to Dubai; its method is straightforward. Getting a prepaid sim is straightforward; you order a sim. In most cases, the sim cards for tourists are costly but much cheaper than other overseas data roaming plans.

This blog will provide a detailed understanding of what a tourist needs to get a sim in Dubai. It includes where to buy a sim card, up-to-date prices as of 2024, the best 4G/5G networks, and the best sim card for Dubai.

Why Get a SIM Card in Dubai?

  • Save a lot of money: International roaming rates are very high, so using a local SIM card in Dubai will save a lot.
  • Stay connected without interruptions: As we know, Dubai is a very modern city, and you can connect to the internet 24/7 without interruptions. Being associated with the internet makes the trip more enjoyable for tourists. Tourists can make calls and text, which is very helpful for calling restaurants for reservations or getting directions using Google Maps, which uses the internet.
  • Enhanced Convenience: A Dubai SIM card offers a local number for accessible communication, which will reduce the annoyance of connecting with an international number.
  • Improved Data Coverage: Having a local Dubai SIM card provides better data coverage than relying on your home country’s SIM, which offers spotty coverage or slow speeds in Internet connection in Dubai.

Requirements before Purchasing a SIM in Dubai:

  • A physical card, a photocopy of your Emirates ID, passport, and residence visa is essential to apply for a Dubai SIM card. But you can also pick a tourist sim without an Emirates ID.
  • The age of Tourists must be aged 16 and above.
  • According to the UAE Telecom Regulation, the Government of the United Arab Emirates does not allow more than one SIM card per passport.

Where to Purchase a SIM Card in Dubai

Most airports have kiosks in Dubai that offer SIM cards to tourists. There are two main places at the Dubai International Airport where you can purchase a SIM card. Many kiosks offering SIM cards are located throughout the airport. Tourists can also buy SIM cards from any telecom provider at airports.

Select your preferred network provider:

Fill out the application form from the sales office of the network provider, i.e., du and Etisalat. The locations and their application forms are listed on their websites. Moreover, some other hypermarkets also sell SIM cards in Dubai for tourists.

The Virgin Mobile company provides an online service that enables the customer to select the desired packages and online order sim in Dubai, which will be delivered online within 60 minutes of duration.

Choose the package that suits your needs:

Regular Pack

  • AED 49
  • Data: 2 GB
  • Minutes: 30 (Local & International)
  • Dubai Sim Card – Mega Pack

Mega Pack

  • AED 79
  • Data: 4 GB
  • Minutes: 30 (Local & International)
  • Dubai Sim Card – Pro Pack

Pro Pack

  • AED 125
  • Data: 8 GB
  • Minutes: 120 (Local & International)

Ultra Pack

  • AED 200
  • Data: 22.5 GB
  • Minutes: 525 (Local & International)

Activation Steps for Your Dubai SIM Card

The activation process of a SIM card in Dubai is straightforward; a tourist or traveler needs to insert it into their phone. After the insertion of the SIM into the phone, the code you must enter into your phone will be provided by the network provider. After that, the sim will be activated; tourists can now use it.


In conclusion, getting a SIM card in Dubai as a tourist is a simple and cost-effective way to stay connected and make the most of your visit. The guide has outlined various aspects, from where to buy and up-to-date prices to the best networks and SIM card options. Tourists can save money by getting a local SIM, enjoy uninterrupted internet access, and experience enhanced convenience. Understanding the requirements, purchasing locations, preferred network providers, and suitable packages ensures a simple process that allows tourists to activate their SIM cards in Dubai and enjoy a communication experience during their stay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to Get a SIM Card in Dubai?

You can purchase a SIM card at various kiosks in Dubai International Airport or at telecom provider outlets throughout the city.

Can tourists get a SIM card without an Emirates ID?

Yes, tourists can obtain a SIM card without an Emirates ID. Tourist SIM cards are available for visitors.

What documents are required to apply for a Dubai SIM card?

You need a physical card, a photocopy of your Emirates ID, passport, and residence visa. However, tourists can usually get a SIM card without an Emirates ID.

Are there any age restrictions for getting a Dubai SIM card?

Yes, tourists must be 16 and above to apply for a Dubai SIM card.

What are the major network providers in Dubai?

The primary network providers in Dubai are Du and Etisalat. You can choose your preferred provider based on your preferences.

Can I purchase a Dubai SIM card online?

Some providers, like Virgin Mobile, offer online services where you can select and order your desired package, with delivery within a specified time.

What types of packages are available, and how much do they cost?

Different packages are available, ranging in price and data/minutes allowances. Options include Regular, Mega, Pro, and Ultra packs, catering to various needs.

Can I use my Dubai SIM card for international calls and data?

Yes, depending on your chosen package, many SIM card packages include international minutes and data for your convenience.


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