Steering Towards Savings: UAE Traffic Fine Discounts Decoded

UAE Traffic Fine Discounts

If you’re a driver in the UAE who has received a traffic fine, then there is no reason to worry about it because there is good news for drivers. There are many ways to pay less for those fines and even reduce black points on your driving.

The UAE’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Abu Dhabi Police provide several plans to help motorists who’ve committed traffic violations. Now, they can save some money and clean up their driving history, which helps in encouraging drivers to pay fines promptly and drive safely. Discounts differ by emirate but usually range from 25% to 50%.

To avail of a discount on traffic fines, the driver must pay it within a specified period, usually 30 or 60. Few Emirates offer discounts if you sign up for a payment plan for traffic fines or take advantage of amnesty programs for traffic fines.

Discover more in this blog! Here is a more detailed overview of the traffic-acceptable discount policies in each emirate:

Traffic Fine Discounts in Dubai:

The Dubai government offers many discounts on traffic rules, depending on the severity of the traffic violation and how quickly you pay your fine.

  • Get a discount for early payment:

If you pay the fine within 60 days, you will get a discount of 35% reduction.If your budget cannot allow you to pay the fine fully, then you can set up a payment plan to get a 25% discount if you pay all your fines on time.

  • Enjoy discounts with amnesty programs:

The government of Dubai periodically announces an amnesty program for traffic fines. These programs provide discounts or even a complete waiver of fines. These programs are mainly announced during special occasions, including National Day or Eid al-Fitr.

  • Ask to reduce fines

If you have a minor violation or a valid emergency reason, you can ask the police for a fine reduction.

UAE Traffic Fine Discounts Decoded

How do you Pay your Fine?

Traffic fines can be paid either online, in a Dubai Police Station, or at one of the designated payment centers.

Online Payment Option:

  • Visit the Dubai Police Website.
  • Click on “Traffic Fines”.
  • Then, enter your traffic fine number by Clicking “Pay Now.”
  • Select your preferred payment method to finish the transaction.

Payment of Fine in a Dubai Police Station:

  • Go to any Dubai Police Station.
  • Pay traffic fines at the counter.
  • Give the officer your fine number.
  • Pay your fine with cash or credit card.

Authorized Payment Center For Payment Of Fines:

  • Go to any payment center for traffic fines.
  • Give the officer your fine number.
  • Net cash or credit card is used to pay your fine.

Want a traffic fine discount in Abu Dhabi?

You can follow the mentioned steps to get a traffic fine discount in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the traffic fine discount policy in Abu Dhabi.
  2. Pay your fine within 30 days of receiving it to receive the early payment discount.
  3. You can sign up for a payment plan to receive the payment plan discount if you cannot pay your fine in total upfront, 
  4. If the government announces a traffic fine amnesty program, take advantage of it to get a discount or even a full waiver on your fines.
  5. You can also try to request a fine reduction from the police. Minor offenses or if you have a good reason for the violation, such as an emergency, are only possible.
  6. Explore paying fines in installments through banks with a zero interest rate for 12 months.

Payment Option and Channels:

There are many payment methods and channels for traffic fines in the UAE:

Payment Options:

  • Cash: You can pay your traffic fine in cash at any police station or designated fine payment center.
  • Debit or credit card: Pay your traffic fine conveniently online or at any police station, traffic fines payment center, or using a debit or credit card.
  • Online Payment: Pay your traffic fine quickly by using the app or website of your local police department.
  • Mobile Payment: Use apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay your traffic fine conveniently.

Payment channels:

Keep in mind that payment methods and options can differ by emirate. For the latest details, reach out to the local traffic authority. Here’s a list of payment methods and channels for traffic fines in each emirate.

  • Police station: You can pay for your traffic ticket in person at any police station within your emirate.
  • Payment Center for Traffic Fines: Numerous payment centers are available across the UAE.
  • Online: Clear your traffic fine by using the app or website of your local police department for easy online payment.
  • Mobile App: Use different mobile payment apps like Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay your traffic fine.


In the UAE, there are several ways to reduce black points on your driving record:

  • Drive safely to avoid traffic violations.
  • Attend defensive driving courses.
  • Pay fines promptly.
  • Regularly check your driving record.
  • Consult with traffic authorities.

To enjoy traffic fine discounts, make timely payments through available channels, and participate in initiatives to reduce black points.

 traffic fine discounts


Relief is available for UAE drivers who are fined for traffic in Dubai. The MoI and Abu Dhabi Police offer plans, encouraging prompt payments and safe driving. Discounts range from 25% to 50%, varying by emirate. Dubai provides a 35% reduction for early payments within 60 days and a 25% discount via payment plans. Amnesty programs during special occasions may result in full waivers. Payment options include online platforms, police stations, and centers. Understanding the discount policy, prompt payments, and utilizing amnesty programs in Abu Dhabi can reduce fines. Reducing black points involves safe driving practices and quick fine payments. Follow these guidelines to maintain a clean driving history and benefit from discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I pay my traffic fine online?

You can pay your traffic fine online by visiting the official website of your local police department, selecting the “Traffic Fines” section, and following the instructions to complete the payment.

What discounts are available for early payment of traffic fines?

Discounts for early payment vary by emirate but typically range from 25% to 50%. Check with your local traffic authorities for specific details on available discounts.

Are there payment plans for settling traffic fines?

Yes, some emirates offer payment plans for traffic fines. You can sign up for a plan to pay the fine in installments and may be eligible for a discount if payments are made on time.

How can I request a reduction in my traffic fine?

You can request a reduction by contacting the police, especially for minor offenses or if you have a valid reason, such as an emergency. However, approval depends on the local authorities’ circumstances and policies.

What options are available to pay traffic fines in installments?

Some banks offer the option to pay traffic fines in installments with a zero interest rate for 12 months. Contact your bank for more information on this payment option.


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