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Pakistan to Bahrain Flights are Now Available for Just Rs. 35,000!

Pakistan to Bahrain Flights

Good news for people who travel! Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has many flights from Bahrain to Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. You can fly for just 48 Bahraini dinars (BHD), which is about Rs. 35,000 Pakistani rupees (PKR) after taxes, but only for a short time. The low price of this ticket makes it easy for anyone seeking a cheap way to travel between these two nations. There’s a great deal on this offer whether you’re going on vacation, moving things, or visiting family.

What’s Included in the Fare?

This deal is even better because of these things:

  • Large Baggage Allowance:  You can bring 50 kg of luggage for free! You don’t have to worry about extra fees for overweight luggage, so you can pack everything you need. This is very helpful if you have a lot of gifts, souvenirs, or personal items to bring.
  • Direct Flights: Between Bahrain and Islamabad, PIA has direct flights. If you compare this to connecting flights, which usually have layovers and longer travel times, this saves you time and trouble.
  • Comfortable Trip: PIA is known for providing dependable and pleasant travel. You can enjoy your flight without worrying because you’ll be safe.

How to Book Your Ticket?

It’s easy to book your ticket! These are the two choices:

  • Website for PIA: To buy a ticket online, go to and search for “PIA.” The website is easy to use and makes it simple to make reservations.
  • PIA Helpline: To talk to a customer service rep, call PIA’s helpline at 021-111-786-786 anytime. You can ask them anything, and they’ll help you book your flight.

Additional Tips

  • Before you book your flight, make sure the offer is still good. Ticket deals for flights can change quickly.
  • If you want to travel during the busiest times, consider booking your flight long in advance. This is what you need to do to get the best price.
  • Check the PIA website to see if your flight has extra fees or taxes.

Don’t Miss Out on This Great Deal!

This is a great time to book your flight from Bahrain to Islamabad if you want to go. With this PIA limited-time offer, you can travel comfortably, at a low cost, and easily. PIA is the best airline for your next trip to Pakistan because it has direct flights, lets you bring a lot of bags, and charges reasonable prices.


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