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How to Apply for Dubai Taxi Jobs: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Apply for Dubai Taxi Jobs

There has been strong growth within Dubai’s taxi industry, with a remarkable 6% increase in the first quarter of 2023 compared to last year. The roads of Dubai show that there are a lot of cars there, and as always, the need for driver jobs in Dubai is growing. Working as a driver in Dubai is a good choice for people who like to drive and do physical work.

Some taxi companies in Dubai give their drivers places to live, while others give them money to help pay for housing. Drivers may also get benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and money when they leave their jobs.


To obtain an RTA taxi driver permit in Dubai, an individual needs to fulfill the following requirements.

  • The candidate must be a person between the ages of 21 and 65.
  • Needed to have completed the foundation training program and exam.
  • The medical fitness test had to be passed by the applicant.
  • possess a certificate in criminal investigation.
  • The same sponsor should be listed as the address of the driver.
  • English fluency (knowledge of Arabic a plus).
  • familiarity with the topography (highways, landmarks) of Dubai.

Application Process

Several ways to apply for taxi jobs in Dubai: 

  • Dubai Taxi is holding walk-in interviews for several open jobs. They want to hire people from Pakistan and India, as well as people who are new to this field. Some jobs are taxi drivers, bike riders, head of procurement, and more.
  • Use DTC, the UAE’s largest job board, to send your application directly.
  • By going to job fairs put on by the DTC or staffing firms. 

 Perhaps some or all of the following will help you: 

  •  Several passport photos.
  •  The real copy of your passport.
  •  Application form filled out.
  •  Payment of the application fee.
  •  The results of your test.
  •  A work permit from the Ministry of Labor.

The Selection Process 

  • If you want to drive a taxi in Dubai, you must have a valid license, be registered with a franchise company, and pass the foundation training course and test.
  • After passing a medical screening, you can get an RTA permit to drive commercial vehicles like taxis, buses, heavy trucks, and personal cars. Those who want to register must bring their original license and Emirates ID.
  • Taxi People who run or own businesses must ensure that their drivers don’t hurt anyone in an accident through assault, theft, or another crime.
  • A training plan to make them more effective and help them run a great business while meeting the highest international standards for transportation services.

Additional Tips

Be Polite And Courteous 

When it comes to the quality of service you offer, you must meet your passengers’ expectations. If someone gets on the bus, you should always be friendly and smile at them. Always be kind and polite; being kind and polite is a great way to thank them for using your service. You should do your best to meet the needs of any special requests your passengers may have.

Be Knowledgeable 

If you work as a taxi driver in Dubai, you will meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds. You should know about the city’s history, culture, and traditions, which is very important. Your passengers will appreciate that you took the time to make the service interesting and useful for them. Giving them this service will also make them feel good, and you’ll have a better chance of getting a good tip.

Know The City Inside Out 

Knowing a city inside and out is an important skill for a taxi driver. To get around, you need to know all the area’s main roads, landmarks, and tourist spots. You will not only be able to get around the city faster, but you will also impress your passengers, making it more likely that they will give you a good tip. To keep up with changes in the city, keep an eye on the roads and infrastructure and buy a GPS navigation system.


People who want to drive a taxi in Dubai must meet certain requirements, get the training they need, and pass several tests. To provide great service and improve passenger experiences, staying up-to-date on the city and keeping a polite attitude is important.


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