How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in Pakistan?

YouTube 1000 views money in Pakistan

Many people are interested in all the excitement about making YouTube videos. Many people from all over the world are vloggers. Some people who make videos for YouTube have gone from making very little money to becoming rich just from the money they make on YouTube. How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in Pakistan? There have probably been vloggers saying they will do something if their video gets 1000 views or more. How much money after YouTube 1000 views money in Pakistan?  Let’s dive in to find the answer.

YouTube Earnings in Pakistan:

For young and recent college graduates, Pakistan is the wrong place to find work, so YouTube is the easiest way to make money. YouTube can only help you become a billionaire if the person who runs it is consistent and always making new videos for their viewers.

Clicks per mille (CPM) is the rate YouTube gives you for every 1,000 hits or views. The price per thousand messages is different in each area. In Australia, the CPM rate is $7; in the US, it is $4; and 1000 views on YouTube Money in Pakistan is $0.02. This means that if you want to start YouTube earning per view in Pakistan, you must know your audience well. Spending PKR 10,000 on about 500,000 views from Pakistan is not worth it.

Only 1% of those views would likely come from Australians with the highest CMP rates. Think about how much money you will make that way. The same video could earn you PKR 35,000! To make more money, you should aim for people from other countries. You can also pay attention to Pakistanis and Indians who live outside of Pakistan right now.

5 Factors That Affect YouTube Earnings:

There are some things that YouTube looks at when deciding how much you can make. Here are a few of the factors:

1. Youtube Niche

You will make the most money on YouTube if you make videos about technology, tools, or software. On the other hand, you will make very little money if you make religious videos or videos that get most of their views from social media.

2. Traffic Sources

When people visit your YouTube channel from social media, you will make the least money from your videos. To make the most money from your videos, you should focus on getting people to visit from YouTube or Google search engines.

3. Length of the video

You likely know about the 80/20 rule. By this rule, 20% of the information made 80% of the stats useless. If your movie is longer than 10 minutes, YouTube lets you add more than one ad. One view will bring in more ad impressions, which means more money.

4. Location

If you only want to make money on YouTube, go to a developed country like the US or UK, learn English, and make movies in English. You only make $2 to $5 in Pakistan for every 1000 views. Here, you will make $12 to $30.

5. Fans

The longer videos did well in the rankings. If you want to make a lot of money, make high-quality movies that get a lot of views and rank well.


Remember that none of the YouTubers became famous and successful quickly. Their success and wealth come from working hard daily and always wanting to make new, high-quality material. You can profit from your YouTube page if you work hard to make unique videos and keep posting them until you have a loyal following.

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