iOS 18 is Bringing These AI Features to iPhones

iOS 18 is Bringing These AI Features to iPhones

With cool new AI features, iOS 18 is almost ready to go live. Next month, this update will be showcased at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Here’s a full rundown of what iOS 18 will bring to your iPhone and how it will improve.

Advanced AI Tools

With iOS 18, several advanced AI tools will be added to make daily tasks easier. Article summarisation is one of the best features. With this tool, people can quickly get the main points of long articles, saving time and effort. Better photo editing tools are another important addition. With these new tools, editing photos is faster and easier. For example, you can use AI to remove or add backgrounds, similar to features on some Android phones.

Improved Voice Memo Transcriptions

For people who often use voice memos, iOS 18 will have a feature that lets them turn these recordings into text. This can be very helpful for quickly taking notes in a meeting or typing up personal notes.

Smarter Siri

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is getting a big improvement. In iOS 18, Siri can talk to you more naturally. Apple is mainly working on making Siri easier to use and more natural. This includes features that summarise notifications, give you short summaries of news stories, and suggest smart apps based on how you use your phone. The Apple word for this is “proactive intelligence.”

On-Device AI Processing

The focus on AI processing on the device is a key part of iOS 18. Apple wants to improve speed and privacy by letting AI tasks be done directly on the iPhone instead of just using cloud services. This keeps your information safe and makes AI features work faster. Apple’s data centres use high-end silicon chips, but the main goal is to improve the devices’ performance.

No Chatbot Integration

Despite rumours, Apple does not plan to add a chatbot like ChatGPT to iOS 18. Some users may have guessed this, but Apple executives have said that the company focuses on improving its AI instead of making a new chatbot.

Enhanced Apps

With iOS 18, several iPhone apps will get big AI-driven bugs fixed:

  • Notes App: The Notes app will be able to suggest changes and make changes to the text. This means it can fix spelling and grammar mistakes and make text sound better. This feature will be useful for people who use Notes to write quick ideas or detailed plans.
  • Photos App: The Photos app will get features like those on Samsung Galaxy phones and new tools for editing photos. Users will be able to remove or add backgrounds to their photos easily.
  • Apple Music: Adding AI to Apple Music will also benefit it. New features will include automatically generated playlists and music suggestions based on your listening frequency.
  • Calendar and App Suggestions: iOS 18 will make it easier to manage your schedule by improving the way the calendar automatically fills in. The system will also suggest useful apps based on your activities and interests.

Collaborations and Future Plans

Reports say Apple is working with firms like Google and OpenAI to add these AI features to iOS 18. These partnerships could make iOS devices even smarter with AI, though no specific deals have been made official yet.

Anticipation for WWDC

The tech community can’t wait for Apple to announce WWDC, which starts on June 10. IOS 18 and its new AI features will be detailed at this event. By making these changes, Apple is preparing to stay ahead in the race for AI and making its devices more useful. iOS 18 is supposed to make iPhones smarter and easier to use by adding many new features. These new AI features can make your life easier and more productive, whether you edit photos, keep track of your schedule, or talk to Siri. Apple will show iOS 18 at WWDC next month, so stay tuned for more information.


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