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Biden Cancels $1.2 Billion of Student Loans

Biden administration cancels $1.2 billion in student loans

The US president, Joe Biden, has said his administration to cancel $1.2 billion of student loans. However, these loans are for about 153,000 people in the US. Biden announced as part of a new repayment plan that would offer a faster path to clemency. The US leader pledged last year to find other ways to deal with debt relief. However, this came after the Supreme Court blocked a plan to forgive $430 billion in student loans.

Biden said in a statement that a college degree is still a ticket to a better life. But, a college degree is very expensive and many Americans are still deeply in debt. The White House said these measures would help community college students. It would also help other borrowers with smaller loans. Moreover, it would also put many more on the path to becoming debt-free faster than ever before.

Education Department’s Announcement on Loan Forgiveness

On Wednesday, the Education Department shared the news about loan forgiveness. They said that they are forgiving loans for a specific group of borrowers. President Biden introduced these borrowers into a repayment plan. However, they adjust payments based on their incomes.

President Biden has now forgiven a total of $138 billion in debt for almost 4 million Americans. This news comes before a meeting of officials. Moreover, they will discuss plans to help people with student loan debt.

President Joe Biden said this on Wednesday. He was speaking at a public library in Culver City, California. He said that if you qualify, you’ll be hearing from me soon. Moreover, the Education Department said that eligible borrowers will soon have their debt canceled. The White House has already started sending emails to these borrowers. President signed on these emails.

Loan companies will handle the relief process. According to the agency, Borrowers who qualify won’t need to take any additional steps.

SAVE Program Requirements and Enrollment Process

The Department of Education accelerated its timeline last month. However, the Department has not forgiven a set of loans before this one. He did so to implement President Joe Biden’s income-based payment plan. Initially, they were not planning to approve the relief until this summer. Moreover, this program is named “Saving on a Valuable Education”, or SAVE. At this time, the department did not say how many borrowers may have their loans canceled.

Participants must enroll themselves in the SAVE program to be eligible for this program. Tens of thousands of qualified borrowers must meet certain requirements. They also had to make federal student loan payments of $12,000 or less for at least 10 years.

This isn’t the first time President Biden has reached out to borrowers directly. His administration is canceling his student loans. Last fall, it sent a similar message to nearly 1 million borrowers.

Senator Bill Cassidy’s Critique and Republican Opposition

The White House keeps sharing news about forgiving student loans. Meanwhile, President Biden plans to be reelected in November. He faces opposition from Republicans and legal challenges. But, Biden’s team continues with the plan. Studies show that Democrats and young voters like such politicians who follow through on promises of student loan help.

Moreover, it is important to note that Republicans don’t like the plan of the president to lower student loan debt. Republicans said that it is not fair to people who didn’t go to college. Senator Bill Cassidy spoke out against the plan on Wednesday.

The Louisiana Republican is Senator Bill Cassidy. He thinks that the plan of the president is unfair regarding the forgiveness of debt. Moreover, he said that it is just a way to get votes. He said this because he believes the plan is manipulating people.

Healthcare Worker’s Experience with Loan Cancellation

However, President Biden thinks canceling student debt is good for everyone. It benefits not just those who don’t have to pay anymore. He says that when people don’t have to worry about student loans, they can buy houses.

They can also start businesses and help the community more. At an event, Dr. Jessica Saint-Paul supported President Biden. She is a healthcare worker from Los Angeles. She said Biden’s actions canceled her $144,652 student loans. Moreover, she had been paying them off for 18 years.

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