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RTA Launches Free Smart Umbrella Service (2024)

RTA Launches Free Smart Umbrella Service

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, together with UmbraCity, a leading smart umbrella-sharing company from Canada, has started offering a smart umbrella service for free at the Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro station. If this service is successful after three months, it will be expanded to additional metro and bus stations.

How Does It Work?

The Dubai Media Office (DMO) said that people with Nol cards can now borrow umbrellas for free at one location. This makes it easier for people to get around and is better for the environment.  This service aims to improve Dubai’s “20-minute city” by making daily needs accessible to residents within a 20-minute bike ride or walk. This will encourage community and health.

This project aligns with the ambitious Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan and shows that Dubai is serious about creating a healthy, sustainable, and welcoming city.  RTA and UmbraCity are raising the standard of living in Dubai by combining cutting-edge technology with useful city solutions. Their goal is to make people happier and improve their quality of life.

Free of Cost

An official from RTA’s Public Transport Agency named Khaled Al Awadhi said that the agency and UmbraCity are helping to make communities across Dubai more lively, healthy, and welcoming by promoting smart umbrellas that can be rented for free with a Nol card. The service now lives at the Al Ghubaiba metro station and will stay there for three months. RTA will consider adding more services after figuring out how well it worked.


UmbraCity’s CEO, Amir Entezari, said that the company was proud to work with RTA to bring their new umbrella-sharing service to the heart of Dubai. This partnership shows how much they both want to improve the liveability of cities and make transportation more sustainable.

“Together, they set a global standard for smart, sustainable city living. They are showing that by working together and coming up with new ideas, they can make big steps toward creating cities that put the health of their communities and the environment first.”

How To Borrow The Free Umbrellas?

To quickly go over how to borrow the free umbrellas:

  • The RTA UmbraCity machine can be found at the metro or bus stop in Al Ghubaiba.
  • Press your Nol card.
  • Please enter your phone number and scan the QR code that is shown.
  • Please click on the link on your device to finish the registration process.
  • To get to the umbrella, enter the code shown on the machine.
  • You have 24 hours to return the umbrella. To go over it, you will have to pay a fee.

This plan has been around for a while, but RTA recently announced it will start.


First, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) teamed up with the Canadian company UmbraCity to launch a new smart umbrella-sharing service “free of cost.” This service is being tested at the Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro station. Its goal is to make the city easier to walk around by giving people a new way to protect themselves from the sun and rain. This project is part of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, which shows that the city wants to create a sustainable, healthy, and welcoming cityscape.

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