MrBeast Overtakes India’s T-Series, Becomes Most Subscribed YouTuber

MrBeast Overtakes India's T-Series, Becomes Most Subscribed YouTuber

American MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has passed India’s T-Series to become the most subscribed YouTube channel. This is a big deal for the YouTube community. For five years, T-Series was the biggest channel on the platform. With this win, they are no longer the biggest.

A Long-Awaited Victory

With his unique and often racy videos, MrBeast has steadily gained subscribers. MrBeast is famous for doing crazy things like giving away private islands, being buried alive, and recreating scenes from TV shows like “Squid Game” on Netflix. His creative style has captivated millions of viewers all over the world.

On Sunday, MrBeast became the first music streaming service with 269 million subscribers, passing T-Series’ 266 million. This win is especially important for MrBeast because it fulfills a long-held goal to “avenge” PewDiePie, a fellow YouTuber dethroned by T-Series in 2019.

Celebrating the Milestone

To celebrate on social media, MrBeast shared the news of his win on X (formerly known as Twitter) with his followers. In his post, he talked about how happy he was and hinted at the importance of this victory by saying that he had “finally avenged” PewDiePie. Along with the post was a graph that showed the most recent number of subscribers, which showed how drastically YouTube’s hierarchy had changed.

A Rapid Rise

Yesterday, over 2 million new subscribers to MrBeast’s channel became his biggest daily jump in subscribers ever. On Saturday alone, that day, he broke the record. This surge put him over T-Series and made him YouTube’s most subscribed channel for good.

T-Series’ Legacy

Since 2019, T-Series, an Indian music label known for posting trailers and music videos, has had the most subscribers on YouTube. The company took advantage of India’s large population and the rising popularity of Bollywood music, which helped it grow very quickly. Even though it lost the top spot, T-Series is still a big player on the platform thanks to its huge library of content.

MrBeast’s Empire

MrBeast is popular on YouTube on more than one channel. He runs other channels with tens of millions of subscribers that discuss gaming, charity work, and reactions to other content. His charitable work has earned him a lot of praise. People know MrBeast for donating money and putting together big charity events.

Financial Success

Forbes estimated MrBeast’s net worth at about $500 million in 2022. In 2023, Forbes placed him at the top of its list of the top 50 creators. MrBeast has made a lot of money thanks to deals like a recent $100 million TV deal with Amazon.

Support from High-Profile Figures

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and X, was one of the first people to praise MrBeast’s work. Musk has been a big fan of content creators on his platform and has told them many times to share their videos on X. Musk wants to make X a better platform for creators, and MrBeast’s success fits that goal.

Looking Ahead

As MrBeast’s empire grows, his most recent accomplishment sets a new standard for content creators worldwide. His new ideas and commitment to helping others have changed what it means to be a YouTube star, inspiring millions of people who want to be creators to think big and be creative in new ways.


MrBeast’s victory over T-Series starts a new era in YouTube history: small creators can compete with big companies. He went from being a small-time YouTuber to having the most subscribers on the site. This shows how creativity, hard work, and kindness can pay off.


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