Zuckerberg Reached India to attend Mukesh Ambani’s Son Wedding


Anant Ambani belongs to the famous Ambani family. Moreover, he is getting married to Radhika Merchant in July. Before the wedding, the family of Ambani is planning for a big celebration. However, this celebration will last three days at the Reliance Greens complex in Jamnagar. This has made many people in the town very happy and excited.

Furthermore, there will be special events before the wedding from March 1 to March 3. Important and famous people from around the world are expected to attend. These people are from different domains.

CEO of Meta (Zuckerberg):

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, and his wife Priscilla Chan came to Jamnagar on Thursday. Moreover, they are here for the three-day pre-wedding celebration of Anant Ambani. This celebration starts on Friday. Reports from different news agencies confirm this. People at the airport welcomed them warmly.

Moreover, they gave them white flowers and did a traditional dance. The presence of Zuckerberg at the event shows the close ties between the Ambani family and tech. It also shows the importance of the market in India for big global technology companies.

Earlier today, famous people arrived in Jamnagar. They include pop star Rihanna, actor Shah Rukh Khan, and singer J Brown. They came for the three-day pre-wedding celebrations. Moreover, Adam Blackstone joined them. He is known for his ability to play many instruments, write songs, produce music, and play the bass.

Connection between Meta & Reliance Industries:

In 2020, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced an investment of $5.7 billion. That’s about INR 43,574 crore. Jio Platforms is part of Reliance Industries Limited. However, this investment made Facebook its largest minority owner.

This investment shows Facebook’s commitment to India. Furthermore, it also shows how excited they are about the significant changes that Jio has brought to the country. In less than four years, Jio has helped over 388 million people in India access the internet. This has led to the rise of many new businesses and has connected people in new ways.

Other Notable Guests:

  • Bill Gates – CEO of Microsoft.
  • Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google.
  • Amitabh Bachchan – Famous actor of Bollywood.
  • Shah Rukh Khan – Famous actor of Bollywood.
  • Former Prime Minister of Sweden – Carl Bildt
  • Former Prime Minister of Canada – Stephen Harper
  • President of Google – Donald Harrison
  • Former President of Bolivia – Jorge Quiroga
  • Former Prime Minister of Australia – Kevin Rudd
  • Chairperson of the World Economic Forum – Klaus Schwab.

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