Ducky Bhai Wife Aroob Fake Leaked Video

Ducky Bhai Wife Aroob Fake Leaked Video

Ducky Bhai is a famous Pakistani YouTube star with an impressive 6.96 million subscribers. His fans love his captivating family vlogs. His wife, Aroob Jatoi, has also become well-known on social media because she is always online. But being famous can be bad, as Mrs. Ducky Bhai is now the latest person to be targeted by deepfake technology.

The Emergence Of Fake Videos

Due to AI and editing software improvements, fake videos, sometimes called “deepfakes,” have become very popular. The footage in these videos is changed to make it look like people said or did things they didn’t.

Deep Fake AI-Generated Video Of Aroob Jatoi

The scandal started when an unknown person skillfully used AI to make a fake video of Aroob that quickly went viral on the internet, causing the couple a lot of painful emotional distress. In response, Ducky Bhai went on his YouTube channel to talk about the problem directly and go into great detail about deepfake technology. He explained how it works and stressed the importance of staying alert against cybercrime.

Statement By Aroob

In a video statement, Ducky Bhai said he was upset that his wife’s honour had been violated. Aroob Jatoi herself spoke out, warning others to be careful of similar threats and cyber intrusions. This showed that she was strong in the face of hardship. The family offered a reward for information that led to the capture of the criminals, but the criminals have not been identified and are still a mystery.

Rs. 1 Million To Unmask The Culprit

Still, Ducky Bhai offered a big reward of Rs1 million for information that led to the capture of the person responsible for the deep fake video. Working with authorities, such as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), he reaffirmed his determination to catch the person responsible, and he asked everyone to be careful and report any instances of fake content.

Mixed Reaction By the Public

Fans have different feelings about what’s going on. Some people prefer to avoid Ducky Bhai, including his family, in his content because they think it could lead to problems like these. Along with the outpouring of support, criticisms came out, questioning the wisdom of letting the public see private family life and pointing out the bigger effects on society. Someone on Facebook said this happens when you show off your family and use them for content.

All TikTok and YouTube users should learn from this. Someone else said this could be a test from Allah and told Ducky to stop family vlogging once the problem is fixed. Some people think family vloggers should be ready for leaks like this because they make their videos public. Still, many people prayed for Aroob Jatoi and praised her goodness and simplicity.


The incident involving Aroob Jatoi shows the bad side of fame and how deepfake technology can be used to hurt people. As the couple deals with this problem, it shows how important it is to be more alert and take stronger steps to stop cybercrime. This has led to a larger conversation about privacy and ethics in the digital age.


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