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Italy Introduces New Visa For Freelancers (2024)

Italy Introduces New Visa

Today, Italy is a country trying to attract digital nomads with a Unique Visa Program that is worth being selected by people who would move around and do the job from home. In Italy we witnessed this program coming at the beginning of January of this year. News outlets all over the world say that it lets people who are not from the EU do “highly qualified work activity utilizing technological tools that enable remote work.”

Qualification For Applicants

To get a visa, people must have a job, whether they work for someone else, for themselves, or through a contract to work from home. Also, they need to show that they make at least “three times the lowest income level needed not to have to pay for health care in Italy,” which is about €28,000 a year.

People who want to apply must also be “highly skilled workers” and not have been convicted of a crime in the last five years. They also need to make sure they have a place to stay and health insurance that covers their whole time in Italy. Applicants must also show proof that they have worked from home or been a digital nomad for at least six months in a different place.

Who Can Apply?

Studios Legale Metta says that the rules say “digital nomads,” “remote workers,” and people who work for a company outside of Italy but can do their job from anywhere can apply. The person who wants to get the visa must meet the following requirements:

  • A degree from a college or university or a valid license to work as a professional.
  • You need to have worked in the field for six months or five years if you don’t have a college degree.
  • A job contract that already exists.
  • A check of the criminal record.
  • Proof of a €28,000 (about $29,880.06) a year income.
  • Proof that people live in Italy.
  • Proof that you have health insurance.

Application Holders Can Include Family

This visa program is great because anyone can use it. For people who already have a visa, family members can be added as long as the Italian government agrees. When these kinds of problems arise, the police have the last word and make sure that strict rules are followed.

How To Apply For The Digital Nomad Visa In Italy?

This visa lets people stay in Italy for more than 90 days. People who want to know more will first go to the Italian Consulate in their area. People can ask for things at consulates, which are like the front desks of the government. People who want to apply can go to the consulate, make an appointment, and start getting the papers they need. People can also mail in their applications.

They will also need two photos the size of a passport and a passport that doesn’t expire for at least three months after the end of the visa period. Moving companies can also help people with the sometimes hard process of getting a visa by doing things like talking to landlords in Italy about early termination fees.


Getting Italy to adapt to the new world of remote work shows that the country is open to new ideas, which makes it a leader in attracting smart people from all over the world. This is a good thing for freelancers and remote workers who want to travel while also working from home. Italy’s digital nomad visa is a great way for them to do both.


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