Ducky Bhai Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, and More in 2024

Ducky Bhai Net Worth

He is famous for being Ducky Bhai on YouTube. Saad ur Rehman was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 21, 1997. Since its start in 2017, Ducky Bhai, a comedy channel on YouTube, has gained 3.85 million followers. Because he is from Pakistan, Ducky Bhai’s real net worth is still being checked, but Net Worth Spot says it could be more than $6.42 million.

Some people think that Ducky Bhai’s real net worth might be higher than these numbers, maybe even as high as $8.99 million. Average monthly views for the station are 26.75 million, or about 891.73 thousand views per day. Read more about Ducky bhai’s age, house cars, net worth, and more.

Early Life and Education

Ducky Bhai started attending school on December 21, 1997, at Bahria Town High School in Lahore, Pakistan. He then went to Punjab Group of Colleges to get his FA. He started studying computer science at Concept University in Lahore, but his academic path took a sudden turn that led to his final exit.

The Art of Roasting and Vlogging

Born Saad ur Rehman, Ducky Bhai has made a name for himself online by being the best at cooking, blogging, comedy, and video games. His unique way of making content sets him apart, and he’s not afraid to talk about anything, from celebrities to other YouTubers to TikTok users. Many people love his funny timing, sharp wit, and honest comments, making him a YouTube pioneer and a huge fan base.

How Much Is The Ducky Bhai Net Worth?

Every month, Ducky Bhai’s YouTube channel gets 52.92 million views or about 1.76 million views daily. It is thought that Ducky Bhai makes $3.18 million a year.

Every thousand times a video is watched, the station that makes money from ads gets paid. YouTubers can make around $3 to $7 for every thousand views of their videos. Based on this information, ads on the Ducky Bhai YouTube account bring in $211,680.00 monthly or $3.18 million yearly.

If Ducky Bhai gets a lot of money, ads could bring up to the net worth of Ducky Bhai upto $5.72 million annually. However, YouTube accounts don’t usually depend on just one source of income. They could sell their goods, get paid to promote other people’s items or make money through affiliate commissions.

Marriage to Aroob Jatoi

Marriage to Aroob Jatoi

When Ducky Bhai married Aroob Jatoi in January 2023, his life changed very interestingly. Along with this big personal achievement, Aroob Jatoi added a new facet to his public image by starting her vlog. Her quick rise on YouTube—she got 100,000 followers in just 11 hours—gives the Ducky Bhai brand a personal touch.

Recognition and Awards

Ducky Bhai has more of an impact than just the amount of subscribers and his net worth. The fact that he won the Pisa Award and was given YouTube Play Buttons shows that he is a leader in the YouTube community. His type of material, which is mostly trolling and roasting, has found a niche with fans all over the world.

Ducky Bhai is a famous Pakistani online vlogger, YouTuber, comedian, chef, and gamer. His rise from Lahore to fame worldwide shows how useful it can be to make content online. Because Ducky Bhai can react to the fact that digital media is always changing, his influence will last on the future of digital entertainment in Pakistan and globally.


Ducky Bhai is a success story when it comes to the always-changing world of digital content creation. From small beginnings in Lahore to becoming Pakistan’s most popular YouTuber, his journey is marked by determination, new ideas, and unwavering devotion to his craft. He is a unique person who is changing the future of online entertainment.

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