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One Za’abeel Achieves the Guinness World Records

Dubai One Za'abeel Achieves The Guinness World Records

Dubai is always innovative in constructing buildings, and its recent One Za’abeel project is no exception. This magnificent project not only added to the impressive skyline of Dubai but also found its way into the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Longest Cantilevered Building” in the universe.

The other tower is connected by one of the features of Za’abeel, The Link. This beautiful sky concourse is 100 meters above the ground with a city view. We explored the splendor and enthusiasm of One Za’abeel. We realized that Dubai is still the king of the architectural world, where form, function, and future vision combine to astonish the world.

Highlighting the Record-Breaking Feature:

Before going into more detail about One Za’abeel’s engineering masterpieces and luxury features, I would like to underline this project’s most outstanding feature, which puts it on an international scale. “The Link,” which is the essence of One Za’abeel, beyond being an extraordinary piece of architecture, is a brave declaration in the history of engineering and design.

Regarding beauty and architectural ingenuity, this is the world’s most extended cantilevered building that symbolizes the zenith of advancement. This feat indicates not only Dubai’s progressive vision in urban planning but also its determination to push the boundaries of what is possible and set the standards for the world to follow.

The Link:

“The Link” is a skywalk that conjoins the two towers of One Za’abeel, and the city view is just one of its distinctive features. It will be the most extended cantilevered building in the world when raised 100 meters above the ground. Two hundred and twenty-seven steel modules called Assembly A through G were used to assemble the Link.

They were slid and then raised to their desired locations in the building. Weighing in at 8,720 tonnes with a length of 192 meters, the first segment of “The Link” was lifted in September 2020. It was the most massive load on the market. The trip lasted 12 days.

World’s Longest Cantilever:

One Za’abeel, the most extended cantilevered building, is now part of Dubai’s magnificent skyline. Some of the most impressive architectural and engineering feats can be found here. The bridge stretches from one skyscraper to another and reaches a height of 100 meters in the air. The fact that the city is planning such a large project is a sign that it wants to bring out the architectural masterpieces and change the engineering concept.

It contains 9,000 tonnes of steel over the iron cargo in the Eiffel Tower. One Za’abeel with a modern design on an area of 470,700 square meters offers a sky terrace, entertainment space, and luxury room. Tower A, which is 300 meters high, will be upscale hotels, serviced apartments, and high-class corporate offices. With this, it will become the first vertical resort in the world worth boasting about!

At 235 meters, Tower B weighs 263 apartments, hip stores, and a recreation podium. The Link will be the top highlight of the whole endeavor. This horizontal structure is 100 meters above the ground with class restaurants, a wellness center, and an infinity pool.

Engineering Marvel:

Some of the notable landmarks that surround the development are the six-lane Sheikh Zayed Road, the Dubai World Trade Centre, Al Mustaqbal Street, which is an elevated four-lane highway that runs between the two towers, and Za’abeel Park. One of the hardest parts was building it without driving or people getting in the way.

The basements of both towers are 42 meters below ground and have seven levels for parking, charging electric vehicles (EVs), and other services. Two underground tunnels connect the seven levels. Our engineering teams used several specialized methods to keep the nearby roads safe. They built a 2-meter-thick diaphragm wall with waler beams around the site’s edge to keep it from moving while the foundations of the piles for the basement and ground levels were being put in.

Luxurious Amenities:

Building landmarks that define Dubai’s skyline, ambition, innovation, and pioneering spirit is something that One Za’abeel does. It captures and inspires the imagination of people around the world. This famous development promises the people of Dubai an interesting and high-class way of life, with homes, businesses, and fun activities all flowing together.

One Za’abeel is right in the middle of Dubai, at the entrance to the Dubai International Financial Districts. It has stunning views of the city from every angle and is connected to the World Trade Centre by a bridge that is easy to use.

Record-Breaking Legacy:

In the middle of the Arabian desert, a modern wonder is rising from the sands. People used to live in a village in Dubai and dive for pearls there. It’s now one of the busiest and most interesting cities in the world. The Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, played a big role in this change. The city’s skyline will never be the same because of how determined Sheikh Mohammed is. This is now known all over the world.

The Connection A beautiful building can be found at One Za’abeel in Dubai. Now that it has done something good, Dubai is proud. ICD built the famous landmark One Za’abeel. The company is pleased that The Link, its skyscraper, holds the Guinness World Record for “Longest Cantilevered Building.” The record was set for real on March 1, 2024. Dubai has a long history of buildings that break records. One Za’abeel is the newest building to join that list.


With the completion of One Za’abeel and its groundbreaking feature, “The Link,” Dubai has shown that it is always looking to push the limits of architectural design. As the “Longest Cantilevered Building,” One Za’abeel holds the Guinness World Record. This building is just one of many world-class examples in Dubai. The city is also known as a global hub for technology, luxury, and engineering excellence. This well-known building does more than look nice. The high-end services, beautiful views, and state-of-the-art amenities make Dubai’s reputation as a city that dreams big and achieves even more real.

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