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UAE Announces Visa-on-Arrival for Citizens of Dozens of Countries

UAE's Announcement To Grant Visas On Arrival To Citizens Of Dozens of Countries

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed the rules so that people from 87 countries can now enter the country without a visa. Still, people from 110 countries must get a visa before entering the UAE. People from the GCC only need a passport or ID card to get in.

UAE Updates 87 Visa-On-Arrival Countries

According to a new policy announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, people from 87 countries will no longer need a visa to enter the UAE. Gulf News reports that the new rules say people from 110 countries must get visas before entering the UAE.

The UAE Digital Government has made it clear that people from the GCC do not need a visa or permission to visit the UAE. At UAE entry points, all they have to do to get in is show a passport from a GCC country or an ID card.

For instance, Indian citizens with regular passports, a visit visa or permanent resident card from the US, or a residence visa in the UK or EU countries that is valid for at least six months can get a visa on arrival. This lets you stay for 14 days, and you can add another 14 days if you want to.

When a visa needs to be arranged ahead of time, people not exempt from visa requirements must get an entry permit from a sponsor before arriving in the UAE. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs gives different types of entry permits based on the reason for the visit.

Visa-Free Entry

People from GCC countries can visit the UAE without a visa or permit or with the help of a citizen or resident of the UAE. When they enter the UAE, they must show their passport or national ID card from a GCC country.

30-Day Visa On Arrival

People from these countries don’t need to get a visa ahead of time to enter the UAE. Instead, they can get one when they get there and keep it for 30 days with a 10-day grace period.

90-Day Visa On Arrival

Individuals from the following countries can enter the UAE without a visa and can obtain a 90-day visa upon arrival:

Indian Citizens

If you are an Indian citizen with a normal passport and either a visit visa, a green card from the US, or a residence visa from the UK or the EU, you can enter the US. Remember that your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after the date you enter the UAE. Lists of countries that can get a visa on arrival may change from time to time, so before you go to the UAE, please check with the UAE embassy in your country.

Bottom Line

The initiative aims to make it easier for tourists to travel and for people to visit the country. According to the updated rules, people from 110 countries must now get a visa before they can enter the UAE.

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