Why Arijit Singh Apologizes To Mahira Khan At Dubai Concert

Arijit Singh Apologizes To Mahira Khan

Arijit Singh, performing in Dubai over the weekend, told actor Mahira Khan he was sorry he didn’t understand her in the front row. But the singer of “Vida Karo” quickly made up for it by giving the Pakistani star a song.

Arijit Singh’s Apology

In the viral video shared by Shahzadi Sipra, Arijit Singh can be seen talking to the crowd with a mix of surprise and regret. He started by telling the crowd, “They must be surprised. Should he reveal?” At that point, he told the cameraman to move the camera to Mahira. Singh takes a moment to laugh at himself as he admits that he was trying to figure out who this person was until he remembered that he had sung for her. Then he makes the crowd happy by telling them she will be at the concert.

It’s funny that Singh realizes this when he remembers singing Khan’s song “Zaalima” from the movie “Raees,” where she starred with Shah Rukh Khan. He went on to say that he was singing her song “Zaalima,” which is her song and that she was singing along for which he couldn’t tell her. He felt awful. Singh finally ends. Khan shows her understanding by yelling, “It’s okay,” from the crowd, which shows she heard his sincere apology.

“Zaalima” Unites Two Superstars

A famous song by Raees, “Zaalima”, was composed by JAM8, written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and sung by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur. The romantic song “Zaalima” showed SRK and Mahira enjoying their love for each other as Raees Alam and Aasiya Qazi, respectively.

Mahira Khan Posted About It On Instagram

While this was going on, Khan, who was in Dubai to accept an award, took the chance to watch Singh’s performance. Afterwards, she wrote about her experience on social media and praised Singh’s artistic skill and modesty. Khan’s Instagram post was about how happy it is to see an artist perform and how beautiful it is when they are humble.

It was important to her that artists are just carriers for the blessings they receive from a higher power. Khan’s post showed how much she admired Singh’s ability to connect with his audience and his gratitude for their support.

Mahira Khan’s Personal and Career Highlights

Aside from this cute event, Mahira Khan has also been in the news for personal reasons. She married Pakistani businessman Salim Karim for the second time in October 2023. Recently, there were rumours on social media, especially on Reddit, that she was pregnant. Khan may be expecting her second child in August or September, so she has taken a break from projects like Netflix’s “Jo Bache Sang Samait Lo” and an untitled film coming out soon.

Mahira Khan, who gained recognition for her range of roles in Pakistani television series such as “Humsafar,” “Bin Roye,” and “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay They,” debuted in Bollywood in the film “Raees” (2016) with Shah Rukh Khan. Khan’s talent and charm continue to connect with people on both sides of the border, even though Pakistani artists are not allowed to work in India.


It was funny for everyone in the audience and showed how humble Arijit Singh and graceful Mahira Khan are. These funny mistakes help us relate to our favourite celebrities and remind us that everyone sometimes makes mistakes.


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