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Madina’s Health Department Establishes 18 Centers for Hajj Pilgrims

Madina's Health Department Prepared 18 Health Centres to Serve Hajj Pilgrims

An important step to ensure the safety of Hajj pilgrims is that the Health Department in Madina has opened 18 hospitals and medical centers. These buildings were built to fully accommodate the thousands of pilgrims who would be coming during the Hajj season. This shows that Saudi Arabia really wants the pilgrims to be healthy and safe.

Staff and Facilities Readied for Hajj

The Madina Health Department has assembled more than 20,000 well-trained people to help the pilgrims. Everyone who works in this medical field is always ready to help, from doctors and nurses to customer service reps. The health centers have labs, blood banks, the most up-to-date medical gear, and all the shots that people need for the Hajj.

Advanced Medical Equipment and Services

All 18 hospitals and medical centers have up-to-date medical equipment to help pilgrims who are sick in many different ways. These buildings have high-tech labs that can quickly perform many different medical tests so that patients can get the right diagnosis and care. Plenty of blood is in the banks to handle any emergency, and it’s easy to get shots to stay healthy.

Emergency Care and Specialized Services

Emergency care services are very important when preparing for a health emergency. At every center, there are emergency rooms staffed by trained professionals who are ready to help people right away. Heart, neurological, and orthopedic care are some of the specialized services that can help with more specific health issues. This ensures that the pilgrims are well taken care of while they are there.

Ensuring Pilgrim Safety and Health

The Saudi government cares about the health and safety of Hajj pilgrims, as shown by careful planning. Their goal is to ensure pilgrims can finish their spiritual journey without too much stress and keep health risks as low as possible. Taking action helps reduce the number of serious health problems pilgrims have.

Strategic Locations of Health Centers

Pilgrims can easily access the health centers because they are set up in a certain way. This ensures that pilgrims can always get medical help in Madina, no matter where they stay. Pilgrims can also get medical help quickly and easily because the centers are in good places, which makes them safer and more comfortable overall.

Coordination with Mecca Health Services

Like getting ready in Madina, health services in Mecca are also planned ahead of time. The Indonesian government built two KKHI centers in Mecca and Madina to help Indonesian pilgrims. The Grand Mosque, Mina, and the road to Arafah are all close to the KKHI Mecca. You can get many different kinds of health care there, from outpatient care to emergency and intensive care units.

KKHI Facilities and Services

KKHI Mecca has 257 beds, 223 of which are for inpatients, 10 in the intensive care unit, and 24 in the emergency room. It also has medical rehabilitation centers, labs, three emergency ambulances, and a dental polyclinic. The KKHI Madina is smaller but still has 69 beds and offers the same services, so Indonesians going on the Hajj can get the medical care they need.


18 health centers in Madina were carefully planned, and health services in Mecca worked together to show how much care is being taken for the health and safety of Hajj pilgrims. Over 20,000 people work for the health department, which has state-of-the-art medical equipment and good locations to help the pilgrims get medical care. So that the pilgrims can do their spiritual duties without risking their health and safety, they are getting a lot of medical care.


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