UAE 3 Day Sale Up To 95% Off & Daily Prizes Online

UAE 3 Day Sale Up To 95% Off

Residents of the UAE can now enjoy huge savings on Eid shopping thanks to the Great Online Sale (GOS). They can get discounts of up to 95% from the comfort of their own homes. Starting on March 29, this three-day event has over 70 online stores with sales on various items, from electronics to clothing and kids’ brands.

Maximize Your Festive Shopping with GOS

Feras tells people to take advantage of the many deals happening right now, whether they want to buy gifts for Eid, change the look of their home, or get new clothes for the holiday season. With all of its discounts and special offers, the GOS ensures that there is something for every customer.

UAE 3 Day Sale Up To 95% Off & Daily Prizes Online

GOS’s Record-Breaking Success

The second edition of the GOS is even more successful than the first. Both the number of retailers participating and the number of sales reported have grown significantly. Because of this rise in popularity, 77 platforms have joined the sale. Big names like Amazon, Noon, and Namshi are among them. The overwhelming response from retailers shows how well online sales work to get customers involved and increase sales.

Win Big While You Shop

Along with big discounts, the GOS allows members to win great prizes every day through a lucky draw. By signing up on the Great Online Sale website, shoppers not only get access to special discount codes, but they also have a chance to win a daily grand prize of Dh10,000.

Ramadan Markets

After the Tarawih prayers, people can go to Layali Al Ghaf in Mushrif Park to participate in fun competitions, shop, and eat at different restaurants. They can also play sports and cook in competitions.

Boosting Online Retail & Synergy:

The Great Online Sale functions in two ways:

●      Supporting Online Retailers

Online stores can show off their goods and get new customers at this event, which is especially helpful during a busy shopping season like Eid. It’s also an excellent chance for them to eliminate old stock and make room for new stuff.

●      Enhancing Retail Synergy

The sale fills the gap between shopping online and shopping in stores in Dubai. While shopping online is convenient, it encourages people to make purchases that will help the retail sector during the holiday season.

Beyond the Great Online Sale

The three-day online sale is only one part of the whole. The DFRE also puts on the well-known “Super Sale” events that last for three days in May and November and are known for having some of the year’s biggest discounts. These sales also happen simultaneously as significant events like the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) and Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), making the shopping calendar even more full annually.


The Great Online Sale (GOS) has made shopping for Eid in the UAE much more fun. You can save up to 95% on many different items and enter to win prizes every day. With more sales than ever, the GOS improves online shopping and makes it easier for online and offline stores to work together, which is suitable for the holiday shopping scene.

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