Pakistani Couple Makes History by Passing CSS Exam Together

Dr. Hajra Niaz and her husband Huzaifa Mughal,

Dr. Hajra Niaz and her husband Huzaifa Mughal, a Pakistani couple, achieved a remarkable goal by clearing the very tough Central Superior Services (CSS) test together. Their story is an inspirational one of determination and support for one another. When they both passed the CSS test on their first attempt, it was an incredible accomplishment that showed their commitment, dedication, and relationship.

A Dream Fulfilled Together

The path that led to this achievement for Dr. Hajra and Huzaifa started far earlier than their joint celebration on social media. When Huzaifa proposed to Dr. Hajra, she was in her second year of medical school. Despite numerous challenges in creating a balance between personal and professional goals, both of them chose to pursue their jobs and dreams together. One of the most popular exams for civil services in Pakistan, the CSS test, requires them to go through a rigorous preparation procedure. The two were grateful for one another’s constant support throughout their journey.

Overcoming Challenges and Succeeding

Looking back on her path, Dr. Hajra said that the CSS test posed a very different set of challenges than her medical college studies. She acknowledged that the CSS test brought a new degree of difficulty despite her impressive track record, which includes recognition for several projects and the Prime Minister Innovation Award. However, they overcame the challenge and succeeded in the end because of their perseverance and common desire.

Dr. Hajra studied at the Army Burn Hall School and College in Abbottabad before attending Ayub Medical College to get her MBBS degree. Her commitment to social welfare went beyond her academic career, as she fought to promote mental health awareness and strengthen underprivileged communities.

Extracurricular Activities

Dr. Hajra has made substantial contributions to social problems in addition to her academic achievements. For her work with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), she was given the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government’s Youth Innovation Award in 2018. Her activities were mostly directed at providing help to transgender groups and victims of acid assaults. Additionally, she established the Ayubian Literary and Arts Forum (ALAF), which brought the Ayub Medical College’s Karakorum journal back to life. To empower and support students, she also founded the Students’ Organization for Counseling, Rehabilitation, Art Therapy, Education, and Support (SOCRATES).

Through her social business, the Annon Association, which focuses on mental health advocacy and providing services for people in need, Dr. Hajra continues to have a positive impact on society. Her dedication to making a difference, both within and outside of academia, is shown by her active involvement in social welfare.

Inspiring Others

Among their followers, the couple’s success story has aroused interest and admiration. Regarding the test’s complexity, Dr. Hajra was rather honest in saying that the difficulties she had throughout her five years of medical school training were nothing compared to what the CSS exam demanded. Her remarks should inspire aspirants as they emphasize the commitment needed for success.

The path taken by Dr. Hajra and Huzaifa is proof of the power of perseverance and common goals. Their success serves as an example of how mutual support can result in amazing success and inspires others to pursue their ambitions despite challenges. The couple is a source of inspiration for unity, ambition, and commitment, and they have made history in the country by passing the CSS exam together.


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